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How To Remove Car Odor

We've all been there, you get into your car and it simply doesn't smell fresh, it even smells bad. Maybe it's cigarette smoke, odor from your pets, sport or outdoor odors, or even the smell of mildew. You may even be embarrassed to give someone else a ride because you know the smell is unmistakable and there is no way they'll miss it. You've tried the Christmas trees that hang from your rearview mirror, you've tried the cans that you can sit under your seat, you've tried the fresheners that attach to your vents, you've probably even tried spraying air freshener on the seats and floorboards, and you may have tried a plethora of other strategies but you can't seem to eliminate the odor.

So what do you do to remove the car odor besides buy a brand new car? You use a solution that doesn't mask the odors but eliminates them. Air fresheners, trees, and cans only cover the odor up (and sometimes not very well) temporarily. The smell is still there so, inevitably, you and your passengers will still find yourselves sitting there pretending you don't notice. But you do notice, and so do they.

You may be thinking, "I need to remove mildew car smell, impossible." Not impossible with Biocide Systems' Auto Shocker. This revolutionary product will eliminate that mildew smell and even remove pet smell from the car. The Chlorine Dioxide (CI02) in our products uses oxygen to break up odor molecules, eliminating the odor, not just covering it up.

It's effective if you need to remove cigarette smoke odor from the car, the smell of old food, vomit, skunk, and any other invasive odor. Car detailers and rental companies love it; you would never know that car you rented was once plagued by smoke smell if Auto Shocker was used. A simple 3-step process will get rid of those car odors and give you your peace of mind back. Simply prepare your car, activate the packet, and then ventilate; done, odors eliminated.

We're so confident that you've found your car odor removal solution that we provide a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't work, but it will. Our customers come to us for all of their odor removal needs. Whether it's their car, home, office, RV, or any other space they need to remove odors from, they know we've got them covered. Try us today and never go back to living or driving in odors again!


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