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Why is cat urine odor so strong and persistent?

Cat urine contains an odor producing protein that makes the smell super strong and difficult to eliminate, keep in mind spraying (marking territory, both male and females do it) has the same protein in higher concentrations. When cat urine dries it forms crystals these crystals are what makes its removal so difficult, regular cleaning agents do not eliminate these crystals, sometimes other cleaning processes push them deeper into carpets and/or wood. Later under moist conditions these crystals reactivate producing the cat urine odor again and again.

This is how you get rid of Cat Urine Smell
To completely remove cat odors you need a two step approach. You need to remove the odor producing urine crystals and then remove the odor that is imbedded to all porous surfaces. Keep your cat away during these processes.

1. Use Avanflex Liquid ClO2 in affected areas.
a. Always colorfast test on an inconspicuous area. We have no reports of discoloration     but with the thousands of color/fabric combinations it is always recommended.
b. Spray the affected area generously
c. Wait 5 to 15 minutes depending on severity of the problem, and blot, don’t rub
d. Let air dry.

2.Use RoomShocker Quick Release
a. Isolate the room to be treated. Keep in mind, we recommend treating the entire     home at once when dealing with tough odors. Use one RoomShocker per room.     Rooms could be as large as 400sq ft.
b. Close all windows and windows covers, curtains, blinds etc
c. Open closet doors and drawers you want treated.
d. Follow RoomShocker activation procedures
e. Place RoomShocker in the middle of the room
f. Leave the room for 12 to 36 hours, depending on the severity of the problem at hand.

Upon return the room will have a chemical cleaning product smell (some people describe it as walking in to an indoor pool, others as a hospital smell) the odor will completely subside after 24hrs to 48hrs leaving no residue or perfumes behind.

Spraying Foot note Some Vets suggest that cats mark their territory, both males and females in heat, this marking is also known as spraying. Spraying is usually done on Vertical surfaces such as furniture and walls, it has a more severe odor than urine but same chemical composition, follow the same instructions as above.
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