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It's no secret that smoke odors are some of the toughest odors to get rid of. Whether it's from fire damage, cigar or cigarette smoke, the smell penetrates deep into everything from fabrics, furniture, curtness, ceilings to wood and other porous hard surfaces making it impossible for most odor masking or so called odor eliminating product to work effectively at eliminating the odor.

The main reason is that most products only affect the air and reach the surface and are not designed to penetrate deep into all porous materials like our Bio-Shocker™ products. They also require manually application that makes it difficult to get into hard to reach places like ceilings, under furniture and beds or high up in the curtains. And no other product can penetrate into mattresses, walls, carpet padding. What make our product so effective is that it is non toxic and eco-friendly gas that does just that. It can and will penetrate into all porous hard and soft surfaces.

The ClO2 Gas is attracted to the smoke molecules and seeks them out deep into every nook and cranny where the smoke can get trapped. One treatment will eliminate the smoke odor from floor to ceiling and wall to wall get deep into the furniture, curtains, bedding and carpets and even the closets and clothing in it. It will effectively eliminate the odor from all surfaces in the room or car permanently. We guarantee it or your money back



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