Liquid Shocker™ generates up to 20 gallons of liquid Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). An oxidizing agent, ClO2 removes electrons from reactive molecules. It literally seeks out negatively charged odor molecules to neutralize them and eliminate odors. Chlorine Dioxide is generated on the spot, which is necessary to achieve the highest quality, as ClO2 degrades within hours. Now you can have the most effective odor removal product in your home.

Our product eliminates severe odors.* It’s not a masking agent.

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A liquid deodorizer for any hard and soft surface.

ClO2 Liquid Shocker is eco-friendly and 99.99999% effective, and it will deodorize any hard surface, effectively eliminating all odors.*

ClO2 Liquid Shocker's solution can be used for mopping, spraying, soaking, dipping, and flooding.

ClO2 Liquid Shocker can effectively be used for:

ClO2 Liquid Shocker Solution is great for odor control.

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