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Room Shocker WORKS!
Thank you for your phone call Saturday afternoon to discuss my concerns.   I am writing to testify to the fantastic job the three Room Shockers did in my home.  I have an open floor plan, used one in the living room for pet urine smells in the rug and home, one in the adjoining dining room and one upstairs in the bedroom. I now have a fresh air aroma to my home which is welcoming and not overwhelming.  I will probably purchase one more in the near future.  This is an excellent product which I have already referred to a friend.  Again, thank you for your prompt delivery, service and positive results!
From: Dr Linda | Date: 5/19/2015 4:31 PM
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Room Shocker Eliminates Odor!
Had a roommate that smoked cigarettes in the living room all the time. The smell was toxic. When moving out our land lord stiffed us with a $500 smoking fine which we fought and won. We told him to give us a week to remove the cigarette odor. We researched online and came across Biocide Systems Room Shocker and we took a chance, only because their products come with a money back guarantee. We purchased the Room Shocker bundle and lo' behold we were able to remove the cigarette smell from the house and did not have to pay the cleaning fee!! I would totally recommend this to anyone who smokes in their homes or real estate agents or real estate companies that deal with apartment / home rentals.
From: John | Date: 10/26/2015 2:58 PM
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Worked Great, SKUNKED...
My dogs got skunked in the backyard... windows were open.  The dining room, closest to the windows was "exposed".  The dogs went straight to the bathroom for a shower.

The bathroom and dining room stunk.

I cleaned the carpet, treated the dogs, treated the dogs again... and again.  Most of the house was coming down, but the dining room and bathroom seemed a lost cause.

2 weeks after the skunking, we closed up the house and biocided.  My house is 2 story, with some first floor ceiling going to the roof... maybe 20 ft.  ~ 1500 ft^2.    We covered the windows and launched four room shockers.  three downstairs - 1 in the dining room, 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the great room.  and one upstairs, in the room that stunk the most.  NOTE: upstairs was mostly unaffected.

Returned a day later... and the mild lingering skunk odor was completely gone.  Very happy with this product!!

Note: for pets, use the internet recipe.  (Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and dish soap).  It really works.  Do not use any of the pet store products which try and mask the smell.  The internet recipe is active and goes stale quickly.  Must use after mixing.
From: Bruce | Date: 4/30/2019 9:27 PM
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This product is a JOKE!
This product is a JOKE, just like their “guarantee” that this product works, along with their “money back guarantee”
I bought this product as a gift over the holidays. After the holidays I still managed to use the products fairly quickly. The results lasted only a short period and it was right back to the odors I was trying to eliminate. After realizing the odors were back, I immediately emailed for a refund. My original purchase was December 9th, I received the product December 12th - wrapped them and they went under the tree, 2 room shockers. My email was sent on January 11 - 1 day shy of a month after RECEIVING this product at my house. The response I received was that I should have, somehow known, that I was supposed to use ANOTHER one of their products, with my already purchase, to achieve my odor removal goals, so I don’t qualify for a refund plus I’m over 30 days from the PURCHASE date, not even a date when you can actually use the product. THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM to get your money - they mask the smell for the duration of the “30 day guarantee” and when you finally realize the smell comes back - “TOO LATE!” All they have offered me is to sell me more of their junky products that don’t work. I’ll take a HARD - PASS. Save yourself time, money and effort and find a different product that might actually work, this is NOT it! POOR customer service and very petty to deal with if you are not satisfied.
From: Kristin | Date: 1/14/2020 10:16 AM
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