Increase Sales at Your Used Auto Dealership

Auto dealers have a lot to deal with. Whether they’re offering new or used cars for sale, they need to bargain with the end-buyers on prices. Their cars need to be in pristine condition if they’re looking to increase their sales figures.

This not only includes working on the engine, lighting and exteriors, but also removing any smoke, fuel, chemical, leather, pet and food odors from their cars.

For all auto dealers and professionals, Biocide Systems offers an amazing solution to remove all stubborn car odors and improve the market value and bargain price on all your new and used cars. Our patented product, the Auto Shocker, guarantees complete elimination of car odors within 24 hours of application.

The Auto Shocker Effect

Auto Shocker is made from high-grade Chloride Dioxide (ClO2), along with a blend of natural and biodegradable ingredients. The odor remover breaks down into a non-abrasive and allergen-free saline solution that is rapidly absorbed in all your car interiors (leather seating and rugs). It identifies and eliminates all odors from every nook and corner of your car.

Since the solution is free from all abrasives, it does not bleach your interiors. The natural components help in neutralizing the scent of the car odor removing solution, such that it is bearable and does not lead to an allergic reaction in individuals.

All-In-One Solution

Auto Shocker works wonders against a wide variety of car odors. These include all pet odors, pet urine odors, skunk odors, leather seat smell, food and rotten food odors, cigarette smoke, vomit, human stink and all other odors.

More Savings

Biocide Systems offers a professional Auto Dealer 10-Pack for all auto dealerships and auto restoration service provides. This professional pack contains 10 Auto Shockers. The 10-Pack helps save your cost in two distinct ways:

More for Less: Instead of placing an order for individual item, why not order in bulk and save up more? We’re offering up to 25% discount on all bulk purchases. So instead of spending $249.50 for a whole year stock based on individual orders, you can buy a pack of 10 Auto Shockers in bulk for a discounted price of $187.13.

Remove it or Return it

This motto simply reflects our money-back guarantee: if our product fails to remove the odor, you can return it back to us. We will issue a full refund. Be sure to use the product in accordance with the instructions mentioned on the leaflet.

To learn more about our bundle packages and how they work in removing all stubborn and persistent car odors or simply to place an order, please call us today!


Remove smell from car dealerships


Auto Dealer 10-Pack 
Auto Dealers 
Professional Pack
Contains 10 Auto ShockersT 
ClO2 odor eliminators
Ideal for Auto Resellers,
Auto Detailers and Auto Restoration 
When buying a case is too much, 
this is the next best deal available
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$249.50 $187.13 On Sale!Auto Dealer 10-Pack