Why Most Odor Removal Products Are Not Worth Your Money

Why Most Odor Removal Products Are Not Worth Your Money


There are scents, aromas, odors, and stenches all around us but two of the worst odors are pet urine and cigarettes. You can mask the odor with air fresheners or clean the surface stain with carpet and furniture cleaning products but the best bad odor remover products not only remove the urine but all of the odor-causing enzymes left behind.

You can find odor removal products at department stores and grocery stores; we gravitate towards the products we have seen advertised on television and in magazines. Many of these products claim to be the best and tout their advantages over the competition. However, if you read the labels you will learn that the active ingredients in many bad odor remover products are the same.

In addition, many of the odor removal products on the market are intended to either eliminate only the stain itself or simply cover the odor with perfumes. Removing just the pet urine stain does not eliminate the source of the odor entirely as it can quickly and easily become embedded deep within the carpet or furniture and even spread to surrounding surfaces. The only way to truly rid your home of pet urine odor or cigarette smoke is to eliminate the enzymes that cause the odor; the only true bad odor remover is chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful bad odor remover agent that is also perfectly safe for use in your home. While other odor removal products are covering the odor with yet another scent, chlorine dioxide is able to permanently remove the odor. Not only is this system effective but it does not leave behind a chlorine ion as odor removal products that use chlorine do; chlorine ions have proven to be a carcinogen in some studies. Additionally, a quality chlorine dioxide cleaning agent will not leave behind the antiseptic and institutional chlorine, or bleach, smell that is almost as distasteful as the original odor.

Lingering pet urine odor is irritating and embarrassing but it will not be damaging to your health. Chlorine dioxide cleaning agents can be used as effective odor removal products but since they also completely eliminate the odors. We all know about the dangers of smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke but recent studies have shown that exposure to third-hand smoke, or smoke embedded in fabrics, walls, and other surfaces, can be carcinogenic and dangerous to our health as well. Go beyond bad odor remover products and use chlorine dioxide to eliminate the odors permanently.

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