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You Love The Color, But Not The Smell! Get Rid Of That Paint Odor In Your Home!

Painting and redecorating your home is an exciting time, but it does come with some pitfalls. Before you live with that stunning color you’ve so painstakingly chosen, you’ll first have to live with that horrible smell the paint has left behind. How long you’ll have to live with it is up to you, and there are some things that you can try to get rid of paint smell from your home. Generally speaking though, paint odor is one of the strongest odors you could have in your home, especially if you’ve painted more than one room. And because the bad smell is due to fumes, you may have to try something stronger than a home remedy to get eliminate the bad smell, plus the toxins from the fumes.

First, be aware that paint smells its strongest from the time you apply it until the time it’s completely dried. It will still continue to release fumes and smell for about a month afterwards but the smell will only be at its worst for the first week after putting it up on your walls. Lots of people try to lay out bowls of coffee grinds or baking soda to absorb the smell, but paint does smell very strongly, and this will probably not be enough to eliminate the paint odor. The best thing you can do while the paint is being put up is to make sure plenty of ventilation is provided and that as many windows are open as possible.

Also keep in mind that paint dries slowest in humid temperatures. If you’re painting in a very humid climate, invest in a dehumidifier and keep it running while you’re painting. Also, have fans positioned by open windows that can pull fresh air in, and to keep the air flow moving through the room. Try if possible to also paint in the morning and be finished by early or late afternoon. This will give the paint the less amount of exposure to the paint as possible, because it will be able to dry in the cooler night air.

Of course, opening windows and laying out odor neutralizers are probably not going to be enough to completely get rid of paint smell in your house. And that means that until it’s completely dried and aired out, you’re going to have to live with both the smell and those nasty fumes. That is, unless you use a product that can not only deodorize the air, but also sanitize it and get rid of all those nasty fumes at the same time.

Our Room Shocker Quick Release ( product is easy to use and will have your room back to the fresh-smelling space it was before you ever opened a can of paint in it. The amazing Chlorine Dioxide in this product will not only eliminate the paint smell in 24 hours or less, but it will also sanitize the air and get rid of all those fumes the paint’s left behind. And, because this product is so powerful, there’s a good chance you’ll only have to use it once, and get rid of that paint smell once and for all.

When Disaster Strikes, Bad Air Is Left Behind

No one needs to be reminded about the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001 when two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Immediately, people around the world knew that history had just occurred, and that this was not something that we were soon to forget. And while we shouldn’t forget about what happened that terrible day and the lives that were lost, there are other reminders of that day that aren’t as honorable or worthy of remembrance. One of those is the toxic air that was left lingering at Ground Zero that day.

Stories soon emerged that the firefighters that worked through the rubble trying to find survivors and clear the debris soon started suffering respiratory problems. Not surprising, considering how much dust, gas fumes, and other poisonous air hung in that space for so long. However, ten years later, those same firefighters are still suffering the harsh effects of working Ground Zero, and the damage that’s been done to their respiratory systems may be permanent.

The news comes from a 7-year study done by New York doctors. The study observed a group of New York City Firefighters that were present at Ground Zero immediately after the planes crashed and studied them and their respiratory functions over a span of 7 years. The doctors would check in with the firefighters periodically, monitoring and recording their respiratory progress. The results showed that respiratory functions slowly declined and that in many cases, the damage that was done during those days and weeks may be a permanent reminder of what happened that terrible day. (Find out more details of the study here (

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot that could be done at the time. The problem was a relatively new one to most, and no one was prepared for it. Even people who lived in the area or needed to walk around the city for the next several weeks also felt the effects of the toxic air. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can really totally eliminate air that is so toxic, in such a large space – and it certainly can’t happen overnight. However, people can now help prepare themselves better by having products on hand that will actually help clean and sanitize the air. Two such products are our Room Shocker 30-Day Release product ( or our Room Shocker Quick Release product ( Both of these products release chlorine dioxide into the air that not only take away bad smells in the air that toxins leave behind, but the chlorine dioxide also sanitizes and sterilizes the air. So not only is the air fresher, but it’s healthier and easier to breathe in as well.

Terrorist attacks certainly don’t happen every day, and hopefully you won’t ever be in a situation where you need to seriously worry about the air you breathe, inside or outside your home. But the fact is that more and more explosions, eruptions, wars, oil spills, and other disasters are making the news every day in some part of the world. And when you’re packing your emergency kit with things you’ll need “just in case”, a product that will clean whatever air is around you is always great to have on hand.

Stop Carrying Cigarette Smell On Your Clothes – Get It Out, And Keep It Out!

If you’re a smoker, or you live with one that smokes in your home, you’ve no doubt realized that you carry a little something with you wherever you go – that nasty and unpleasant smoke smell. And no matter how long you’ve put up with the smell, there’s no real getting used to it and anyone that you run into is bound to notice it right away. But you don’t have to live with the smell wherever you go. You can get rid of smoke odor on clothes, and you can even keep it off – even if someone’s constantly smoking right next to your closet!

The first thing you have to do is always be mindful of the cigarette smoke smell on your clothes while you’re washing them. Normal detergents, especially those that aren’t the highest quality, often aren’t strong enough to eliminate smoke smell. Always be sure to use an extra-tough detergent, and one that’s designed to combat cigarette odor, if possible. Also, be sure to use fabric softener sheets when you’re tumble drying your clothes. Again, often one is not enough with these so use two or three if you need to. And if you find these irritate your sensitive skin, use ones that don’t come with a fragrance but that will still neutralize odors.

Caring for your clothes of course, will only get rid of smoke odor on your clothes after you’ve worn them, and for a little while when they come out of the drawer. But, if you’re just going to hang them back in a closet that also smells like cigarette smoke, the smell is bound to seep back into your clothes in no time. The key then, is to eliminate the smoke smell in your closet, so your clothes can continue smelling fresh.

A product such as our Room Shocker 30-Day Time Release product ( will eliminate the cigarette smell from the space around your clothes, and keep both your closet and your clothes always smelling fresh and clean. Because it’s time-released, the space and your clothes will keep smelling good; and even if you keep your dirty laundry hamper in with your clean clothes, this product will absorb the cigarette smoke from your dirty clothes too.

Room Shocker is a safe and effective product, and allows you to remain within the room the entire time it’s working. You’ll know it’s working because the smell will be gone, but you’ll never even notice that it’s there, because it’s so easy to use. And of course, that cigarette smell also carries with it the noxious fumes that make cigarettes so harmful to people’s health. But Room Shocker completely sanitizes and sterilizes the air in the room where it’s placed. So not only will your clothes smell better, but they’ll be healthier, and so will the air around you too!

Keep Your Business And Get Rid Of Body Odor In Hotel Rooms

One of the greatest things about running a hotel is the rush of different people coming in and out every day. But, all of those different people bring with them their own particular scent, and some are stronger than others. Body odor, whether from one guest or a combination of guests, is never a pleasant smell and could be enough to deter future guests from staying there. And to ensure that any hotel room is ready again for business in no time, you want to remove the body odor quickly, and as easily as possible too. Because when you’re running a hotel, there’s more than one room that you need to worry about!

You’ve probably already started eliminating odor in the hotel room by opening as many windows as possible and allowing as much air as possible to get into the room. And if you haven’t already, you should also remove as many linens from the room as possible and have them thoroughly cleaned in hot water. Things like bedspreads, sheets, and towels can absorb body odor that’s lingering in the air, and can hold onto them, keeping the odor in the room longer. If possible, also try to take down the curtains and drapery and try to clean them as well.

If you have to eliminate odor in more than one hotel room, you might not be able to spend this much time removing the body odor. After all, things like new check-ins and deliveries are waiting – you can only spend so much time removing body odor from hotel rooms. It’s instances just like these where our Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator ( ) comes in handy. This unique product uses chlorine dioxide to remove body odors, and other unpleasant odors in the air, to get your space clean and fresh-smelling again.

Once you’ve removed the initial odor, you might want to consider another product that will continually keep the air clean and smelling nicely, without you having to do a thing. For this, our Room Shocker Time Release product ( would work best. This product will clean the air in a large area such as a hotel room, and keep it clean and fresh for 30 days. Because you have guests staying in different rooms every night, and sometimes, there are many odors to continually combat.