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Time To Decorate For The Holidays – Don’t Forget To Clean Your Home’s Air Too!

The holidays are coming up and with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the people through your home in the meanwhile, there’s no doubt that you’re doing a little bit of decorating. Whether you’re putting out Indian corn or hanging up stockings, there’s a lot of decorating to do this time of year. But as you’re decorating trees and hanging up autumn wreaths, don’t forget to also clean the air in your home.

When you have guests over, the only thing they probably want to smell is the aroma of that delicious turkey in the oven. And if there are bad smells in the air of your home, it’s probably going to be one of the first things they notice – and something they’ll never forget. And, when your guests are sitting in a stinky room, it won’t matter how many other cute decorations you’ve put up – it won’t make a good impression. So, how do you clean the bad smells in the air, so you can get on with decorating that tree?

Of course, start by trying to find the source of the odor. Mould, stale air, bad cooking smells, cigarette smoke, and pet smells are some of the most common bad smells in homes. If the smell has a visible source, such as a pet stain, make sure you clean it up thoroughly. You can also clean the kitchen for bad kitchen smells, and clean things such as the walls if you’re dealing with cigarette smoke. But sometimes, especially with very strong smells such as cigarette smoke, cleaning may not be enough. Luckily, our chlorine dioxide products will be.

We have many products tailored to many of these bad house smells that will not only clean the air in your home, but will also eliminate bad house odors. Our products don’t mask the odor or just try to cover it up. You don’t have to spray anything, clean anything, or put harmful chemicals into your home’s air. Just open the packets of chlorine dioxide and wait until the bad smells in your home disappear. Make sure to check out all of our products and get the one that’s right for the bad smell in your home. Whether it’s a dog, cigarettes, or just general bad air smell, you’ll find something here that will let you stop worrying about the bad air smell in your home, and let you get on with the rest of your decorating!

Make Your Dog Kissable Again By Getting Rid Of Dog’s Bad Breath

Even if you don’t like your dog to kiss you on the face, just being near a dog with a bad breath can be an unpleasant experience – it can follow the dog around and stink up any room the dog is in. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of your dog’s bad breath.

The first thing to do may also be one of the most unpleasant; this is finding out whether or not your dog is eating their own waste. Dogs will often do this when things like essential vitamins and minerals are missing from their diet. Needless to say, this results in very bad dog breath. One way to help with the breath issue, and stop the nasty habit, is to feed your dog pineapple every day. This will make their waste stink and they won’t want to eat it. Many times when vets notice bad breath in dogs, one of the first things they’ll ask is what the dog’s diet is, and if you’ve ever noticed them eating their own waste.

If you think it’s just general bad dog breath, there are many things you can give your dog to chew on to get rid of a dog’s bad breath. Chicken necks, butcher bones, dental sticks, rawhide, and carrots are all good chewing items that will get rid of your dog’s bad breath. Most of these items eliminate a dog’s bad breath by removing plaque, and reducing tartar build-up, which is usually a large culprit for bad breath in dogs. Parsley can also be finely chopped and added to your dog’s food. This herb isn’t known for just getting rid of dog’s bad breath, but bad people breath too!

Once you’ve gotten your dog’s bad breath under control, you might want to freshen up the rest of them too. Whether they smell like wet dog, a dog that’s been outside, or could just use a freshening up, our doggiCLEEN will do the trick to get them back to snuggling with you again in no time. This product is great for anytime you want to freshen Fido up, and is strong enough to even remove the smell of skunk from your dog!