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How to Completely Eliminate Odor from Any Room

How many times has it happened in your hotel? A guest complains about the smell and you have to give them another room. Be honest-it happens more often than you’d like to admit. Truth be known, it doesn’t have to happen at all in your hotel. If you have the know-how and the right products to remove odor from room, you can avoid the vast majority of these complaints in the first place.

Now, giving a guest a new room is no big deal. The problem is that you usually end up losing a customer forever. Even if your service staff handles the situation in a completely professional manner, a customer who believes there is a reasonably good chance that she will get a smelly room will never come back. It doesn’t matter if that room was the only one in your whole hotel with an odor problem.

The natural reaction to getting customer complaints is to blame the housekeeping staff. While we’re not saying some housekeeping staff couldn’t be more diligent, the problem is often tougher than that. Your housekeeping staff can spray deodorants and fragrance into the hotel rooms, but some odors just won’t go away. Even if they do manage to mask the smell temporarily, most air fresheners wear off in a few hours without doing anything to actually remove odors.

Biocide Systems’ line of Room Shocker products are designed to eliminate odors, leaving your rooms smelling fresh and odor neutral. Best of all, one product takes care of all kinds of odors in the room. You can remove odor from room in one application in the vast majority of cases. You don’t need a separate carpet odor eliminator. Room Shocker replaces the carpet odor eliminator because it works by seeking out and bonding with the organic substances which cause odor.

Make your rooms more pleasant for your guests while making your housekeeping staff’s job easier and more effective. Bio-Shock your rooms.

Want to Build a Rep as the Best Auto Detailer in Town? Bio-Shock ‘Em

You can scrub down every millimeter of a used car and eliminate every trace of dust and dirt, but there isn’t much you can about the smell if you don’t know how to remove car odors. And let’s face it: most of the products designed to deal with car odors don’t work, especially if you’re trying to remove smoke odor from car.

Let’s talk turkey: most of the methods you’ve used to remove smoke odor from car and deal with other car odors amount to masking the smell enough so some poor schlepp will buy the lemon (only to have the odor come back full force once the “new car” or “fresh pine” fragrance wears off).

The devil’s in the details. If you can set yourself apart from the next guy in auto detailing, you’re going to earn more business and be able to charge more for your services. In that sense, auto detailing is no different than any other business or line of work. What would you say if we told you that we could show you how to remove car odors? We mean all car odors. You can remove smoke odor from car, body odor, pet odors, even skunk odors (and if you’ve ever tried to get skunk odor out of a car, you know what a pain in the rear bumper it can be).

Biocide Systems has developed a revolutionary line of car odor removal products. You don’t need a whole cart full of different products to deal with different odors. You don’t need to scrub the dickens out of the upholstery, only to leave it still smelling foul. You don’t need to rely on fragrances that mask car odors (who likes pine scented body odor, anyway?). We can show you how to remove car odors-all of them-quickly and easily. All you need to do is Bio-Shock the cars you detail.

Want to build client loyalty and keep those dealers coming back to you for all their auto detailing needs? Bio-Shock every used car that comes your way with our line of Auto Shocker odor elimination products. The investment is miniscule compared to the value of repeat business you can earn when you show them that you can make every car sparkle inside and out and that you can make every car smell better than new. Not just perfumed, but truly odor free.

The Best Way to Get Skunk Odor Off Your Dog

“No! Rover! No! That’s not a……”

Does that sound like a familiar conversation with your (soon to be skunk sprayed) dog? If not, it could be. And unfortunately, your dog doesn’t understand enough English to get the message soon enough to stop the inevitable. Even if he did understand you, his curiosity would likely get the better of him (whoever said “curiosity killed the cat” never had a dog sprayed by a skunk). You need Doggi CLEEN, fast.

Skunks have shown themselves to be some of the most adaptable critters in all creation, making themselves equally at home in the woods or in the suburbs. It’s not even unheard of to have skunks wandering around city neighborhoods at night. Given that most people just do their best to stay the heck out of their way, skunks can survive just about anywhere they can find food and water. And if they make their home near yours, you’re going to want to have an effective skunk odor eliminator on hand.

Don’t just pick up any odor eliminator from the store shelves. Most of them simply don’t work on skunk odor. Even if they did, getting a dog sprayed by a skunk to sit still long enough for you to scrub them with it isn’t exactly easy. When you’re dealing with a skunk sprayed dog, you need an odor eliminator that works quickly (before Fido has a chance to rub the smell all over the kids, furniture, and carpet), effectively (so you only have to apply it once), and without freaking your dog out (especially if your dog doesn’t like baths…and most don’t). A skunk sprayed dog is already freaked out and uncomfortable. You need a product that will be easy to apply so you can focus on calming your four footed friend down.

The best odor eliminator to use for a skunk sprayed dog is Biocide Systems’ Doggi Cleen Skunk Spray. This powerful odor eliminator does more than mask skunk smell, it destroys the offensive odor (and a host of other organic odors). In most cases, you will only need one application. Best of all, it comes in a spray, so you won’t have to drown your dog in order to apply it. Simply spray it on and let the active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) do its work. Your dog is left feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

How to Eliminate Skunk Odor Wherever You Find It

When Pepe le Pew visits you, it doesn’t really matter whether he sprays the dog, the kids, or the house. You have an instant odor problem and you need to get rid of smell, stat.

If you’ve ever tried a “tried and true” skunk odor remover like tomato juice, you know that it just doesn’t work. You can scrub and scrub until your fingers smell as bad the area the skunk sprayed and there will still be residual skunk odor-and nobody wants to live with that. On top of that fact that you didn’t get rid of smell and still have skunk odor to deal with, using tomato juice stains everything and leaves you with a mess. Who needs that?

Maybe you’ve tried an odor remover off the store shelves and found that you didn’t fare any better against skunk odor. That’s because the average odor remover doesn’t really remove odor at all. All they do is try to cover odors up, often masking them under layers of perfume. No one wants skunk odor in their house, even if it is perfumed skunk odor.

If you want to get rid of a smell- to truly eliminate it - that’s where Biocide Systems’ series of odor removers comes in.

Biocide Systems offers a variety of products designed to remove skunk odor in your home, on your pets, or just about anywhere else. The products are applied differently to best handle the need, but they work on the same basic concept: destroy odors leaving the affected area odor-neutral.

They achieve this by using chlorine dioxide so the odor is neutralized, and your home (or dog, or whatever) is left completely odor free.

Check out Biocide Systems’ full line of skunk odor remover products. We recommend keeping at least one Skunk 911 kit on hand. After all, skunks don’t generally send a calling card before their next visit.