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Increasing the Value of Trade-Ins that Smell like Smoke-Ins

Whether you’re trying to trade in your used car or you are an auto dealer who routinely takes trade ins, removing smoke odor from cars is a critical part of getting the most value out of a trade in. If a car has been smoked in, it decreases the value. Take heart, though: if you know how to remove smoke odor from car, you won’t need to take any less for your trade in than a non-smoker would for a car in similar condition.

Removing smoke odor from car is not as hard as most people think it is. As a matter of fact, it isn’t difficult at all to remove smoke odor from car if you have the Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker.

If you’ve dealt with used cars for any period of time, you may think this sounds too good to be true. Fair enough. You’ve probably tried all kinds of odor removal products in an attempt to remove smoke odor from cars. Auto Shocker is different. While most products simply cover odors up, Auto Shocker removes them completely. Auto Shocker removes organic odors on the molecular level, leaving any car completely odor neutral.

Try Auto Shocker on the most foul smelling used car on your lot. We have no doubt you’ll be convinced that it can do the trick for any car. Smoke odors are no match for Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker will also take care of pet odors, body odors, and other common car odors.

You want to get as much as you can from your used cars, whether you’re trading them in or selling them. One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a used car that’s been smoked in is to remove smoke odor from the car. Now, with Auto Shocker, you have the ability to remove smoke odor completely and permanently. You won’t even be able to tell anyone had smoked in the car.

Car Smells like You’ve been Living in It? Bio-Shock It!

Are you one of those people who practically live in your car? Many of us eat most of our meals there (Taco Bell drive-thru, anyone?), do our banking there, and spend half of our waking hours commuting or driving from client to client. Many of us have even been known to sleep in our cars from time to time.

All of this can lead to a really interesting musty smell in the car before long. If you have pets that ride in the car with you, it can be even worse. So, how do you make your car smell like new when you practically live in it? You Bio-Shock it.

Biocide Systems’ revolutionary line of odor removal products are perfect for dealing with musty smell in car, musty smells in homes, and more. They are also the perfect pet odor eliminator. Auto Shocker, Room Shocker, and Liquid Shocker all eliminate odors quickly and completely, leaving your car or home completely odor neutral.

No odor is too tough for Auto Shocker. It’s a fantastic pet odor eliminator. It also eliminates body odor from car upholstery, cigarette smoke smell, skunk spray smell, and all other organic odors.

Spend as much time as you need to in your car. To get rid of the odor, use Auto Shocker Quick Release. Once you’ve eliminated the odor, we have a number of other products to help you keep the odor at bay.

Don’t live with musty smell in car any more. Bio-Shock your car today. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll also want to use Room Shocker for your home and Liquid Shocker for any outdoor areas (kennels, dog runs, surfaces sprayed by a skunk, etc.) that present odor problems.

Try it today and smell the Biocide difference. We don’t cover odors up. We eliminate them completely and permanently.

Nobody Want to Buy a Car that Reeks: Bio-Shock Your Stock

In the used car business, we’re all trying to get one up on the competition. We want to show you how a revolutionary odor removal product can help you do just that on both ends of your car deals. We can show you how to remove car odors and increase the value of your used car stock. Knowing ahead of time that you can remove smoke odor from car (or any other odor) can also give you more leverage when considering a trade in.

Most smokers know they’ll have to take less money for their trade ins if they smoke in their cars. It’s just part of the way things are. That doesn’t mean they’re happy about it or consider it fair (whether or not it actually IS fair isn’t the issue). Do you want to increase customer loyalty and tap into a huge market? Start giving smokers as much for their trade ins as you do others. Of course, to do that, you need to be able to sell their trade ins for as much as you do similar cars that weren’t smoked in. We can show you how to do that.

It isn’t difficult if you know how to remove car odors. The first thing you need to do is get the right tools in your detailers’ hands. Stop spraying new car fragrances (most buyers see through that) to cover up odors. Bio-Shock your entire stock of used cars-especially those that have been smoked in-with Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker Quick Release. One application is all it takes, and all odor (not just cigarette odor) is eliminated completely and permanently. No one will be able to tell the car had ever been smoked in.

Chances are, your detailers already do a great job of cleaning cars up and making them look as new as possible. Now, with Auto Shocker, they’ll be able to make them smell as good as they look (better, in most cases).

Why Most Odor Removal Products Don’t Eliminate Smoking Odors

If you’re a smoker, you might not know what the fuss is about smoke odors. After all, you’re accustomed to the smell and it doesn’t bother you, as long as it isn’t totally out of control. Your nonsmoking friends, however, probably don’t feel the same way. You might think that spraying Lysol or other odor removal products or putting some potpourri out eliminates smoke odors, but your nonsmoking friends will still notice them.

Whether you’re trying to make your home or apartment smell nice or trying to remove smoke odor from car, you need odor removal products that actually remove the odors. Most products simply cover them up (and not very well). Biocide Systems’ line of odor removal products completely and permanently eliminates smoke odors. It also eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (i.e., the vast majority of odors in your home or car).

Most odor removal products don’t’ do anything to deal with the actual odor. Air fresheners and similar products try to make your home or car smell better by masking the smell with another smell. The reason Biocide Systems’ odor removal products work better is that they deal with odors on a molecular level. When you use Room Shocker, Auto Shocker, or one of Biocide Systems’ other odor removal products, the active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) bonds with the odorous molecules. Harmless ions are released and the chemical makeup of the odor causing molecules is changed. You are left with an odor-neutral space.

Whether you are trying to remove smoke odor from car, eliminate musty odors from a room, or dealing with skunk smell on your dog, Biocide Systems has the perfect odor removal products for you. They all work on the same principle: completely and permanently eliminating odors. The choice is yours: you can use standard odor removal products and cover up the smells with fragrance or you can Bio-Shock your home and car and eliminate the odors completely.

7 Unusual Pets And How To Deal With Their Odors

If you’re into exotic pets, you’ve probably already dealt with negative opinions from neighbors, and possibly even from friends and relatives. Some people just don’t get it, and that’s OK. As an exotic pet owner, the best you can do is deal with the legitimate complaints (i.e., using an effective pet odor eliminator to deal with exotic pet odors) and shrug off the silly ones.

We can’t eliminate all the challenges that come with owing an exotic pet, but we can help with the odor elimination. Biocide Systems’ line of odor elimination products are perfect for dealing with the odors of these, and many other exotic pets:

  1. Snakes. Contrary to popular belief, snakes (in and of themselves) don’t present a huge odor problem. As long as you clean their enclosure regularly, they don’t require any special odor eliminator products. The rodents they feed on, however, CAN be a real problem. The best pet odor eliminator for rodents is Room Shocker.
  2. Alligators (or other crocodilians). Like most animals, alligators, caimans, and other crocodilians have a unique odor. Unlike most common pets, it’s not an odor that most neighbors are accustomed to. The best way to keep it at bay is to clean their enclosure regularly. If your pet is still small and lives in an aquarium, Room Shocker will eliminate the odor. If it lives in an outdoor enclosure, use Liquid Shocker.
  3. Ferrets. The best way to keep a ferret’s odor at bay is to bathe it regularly. Otherwise, it natural oils produce a strong odor. You will also want to clean its enclosure and litter regularly. If the odor does become noticeable, most odor removal products won’t help. Use Room Shocker, the pet odor eliminator that removes odors permanently.
  4. Skunks. As long as you you’ve had your skunk’s odor producing glands removed, they aren’t much more odorous than dogs or cats. Like any other animal, they should be bathed regularly. If the odor does get out of hand, use Room Shocker (for indoor animals) or Liquid Shocker (for animals kept outside).
  5. Foxes. Foxes are becoming popular as pets. Unfortunately, most people who buy them are unaware that they produce a strong musky odor (worse than ferrets). Regular bathing helps, but you will want to use Liquid Shocker in their kennel as well. If you keep your fox indoors, Room Shocker is the most effective pet odor eliminator.
  6. Monkeys. There’s no delicate way to put this: Monkeys stink. They’re great pets, but it takes a lot of work to keep them clean. Bio-Shock your home at least quarterly to keep the smell at bay. If your money has an outdoor enclosure, use Liquid Shocker.
  7. Big Cats. Lions, tigers, cougars, and other big cats are a lot like smaller cats. They have a lot of the same odor issues (spraying, etc.). As you can imagine, the odor (like the cat) is more pronounced. Regular odor removal products won’t do the trick. Use Liquid Shocker as your pet odor eliminator.
What to Do When Your Tenants’ Pets Trash Your Apartments

As a landlord, you’re faced with a difficult decision. Do you allow pets, and the destruction and odor they can bring, or do you just say no? If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a huge market for apartments which allow pets, it might be a much easier decision. Renting to tenants with pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience, though. Even if they do leave the apartment smelling like dog or cat, the right pet odor eliminator can make all the difference.

Most pet owners take reasonably good care of their pets and try to keep them from destroying the apartment. After all, they do want their security deposits back. Where most pet owners fail, though, is dealing with their pets’ odors. Perhaps it’s because they become used to the smell (much as a smoker does) and don’t see it offensive. You know, however, that an apartment that smells like pet odor isn’t going to rent easily to the next tenant.

If  you want a pet odor eliminator that gets the job done right, use Biocide Room Shocker Quick Release. It will remove odor from room quickly and efficiently, leaving your apartments smelling fresh and new. Prospective tenants won’t even know a dog or cat had lived there because Biocide’s pet odor eliminator permanently eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (such as cigarette smoke odors).

Of course, if pets damage walls, carpets, or furniture (in furnished apartments), you will have to repair or replace those items. Your best defense against that damage is a good security deposit. Most pet owners expect to pay a higher security deposit. Be wary of renting to those who buck against this (there’s probably a good reason they’re concerned).

If asked, many tenants are willing to make repairs themselves (especially if it means they might get some of their security deposit back). It’s worth it to ask, at any rate. You could even have them use Room Shocker before moving out.

Whether the tenants handle the cleaning, or if you end up doing it, the important thing is to get rid of pet odors by using the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market. There are many deodorant products which will mask pet smells and other odors temporarily, but most of them don’t actually remove odor from room. Room Shocker completely and permanently eliminates pet odors and other room odors, leaving you with an odor free apartment that’s ready to rent to the next tenants.