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Cleanup Doesn’t Have To Kill You After Smokers Move Out

If you’re an apartment manager or have ever rented out a home, you may know the dread of coming in after the lease is up to clean the place out.  Whether or not you had smoking rules in place, there is the danger of that odor of cigarette smoke that permeates everything in the home.  Removing cigarette smoke odor from apartments was once nearly impossible without a lot of scrubbing and possibly new paint, furnishings, and carpet. Instead of replacing everything in the apartment in a vain attempt to get rid of the odor, you should Bio-Shock™ your home to permanently eliminate the odors from cigarette smoke.

Apartment odors can turn off new renters and lose you a great deal of time trying to find someone willing to live with such a stench.  Of course, even if you do find someone willing to live with it, the chances are good that they put up with the smell because they are smokers themselves.  Protect your properties and find new tenants fast by getting rid of bad odors in the home itself.  Simply place the Room Shocker™ in any room of the apartment and within a few hours, the smell is gone!  This is an easy and safe way to get rid of apartment odors and odors in the home, and it can stand up to even the toughest of cigarette odors.

Biocide Systems has a revolutionary new odor eliminating system that can get rid of all of the bad smells in your home, apartment building, car, or any other enclosed space that just smells bad!  This product is perfect for apartment managers and those staging their homes for sale as well.  If you’d like to learn more about the great products from Biocide Systems, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today!

What to Do When Your Tenants’ Pets Trash Your Apartments

As a landlord, you’re faced with a difficult decision. Do you allow pets, and the destruction and odor they can bring, or do you just say no? If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a huge market for apartments which allow pets, it might be a much easier decision. Renting to tenants with pets doesn’t have to be a bad experience, though. Even if they do leave the apartment smelling like dog or cat, the right pet odor eliminator can make all the difference.

Most pet owners take reasonably good care of their pets and try to keep them from destroying the apartment. After all, they do want their security deposits back. Where most pet owners fail, though, is dealing with their pets’ odors. Perhaps it’s because they become used to the smell (much as a smoker does) and don’t see it offensive. You know, however, that an apartment that smells like pet odor isn’t going to rent easily to the next tenant.

If  you want a pet odor eliminator that gets the job done right, use Biocide Room Shocker Quick Release. It will remove odor from room quickly and efficiently, leaving your apartments smelling fresh and new. Prospective tenants won’t even know a dog or cat had lived there because Biocide’s pet odor eliminator permanently eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (such as cigarette smoke odors).

Of course, if pets damage walls, carpets, or furniture (in furnished apartments), you will have to repair or replace those items. Your best defense against that damage is a good security deposit. Most pet owners expect to pay a higher security deposit. Be wary of renting to those who buck against this (there’s probably a good reason they’re concerned).

If asked, many tenants are willing to make repairs themselves (especially if it means they might get some of their security deposit back). It’s worth it to ask, at any rate. You could even have them use Room Shocker before moving out.

Whether the tenants handle the cleaning, or if you end up doing it, the important thing is to get rid of pet odors by using the most effective pet odor eliminator on the market. There are many deodorant products which will mask pet smells and other odors temporarily, but most of them don’t actually remove odor from room. Room Shocker completely and permanently eliminates pet odors and other room odors, leaving you with an odor free apartment that’s ready to rent to the next tenants.

How to Remove Pet Odors from Apartment

You know that lingering pet odor?  The one that you can’t escape, especially when you walk into a small apartment where a furry friend has lived.  It can vary from mildly unpleasant to full blown wanting to grab a gas mask to protect your poor nose.

As a pet owner, or someone that is moving into an apartment where there are pet odors, you want to quickly and easily address this situation and be able to breathe clean fresh air.

The first thing most people are going to do is either spend a long time cleaning the apartment or hire a cleaning service.  After a lof of lemon scented cleaning product, a lot of elbow grease and likely some perfumed air freshener, things might be a little better.  But more often that not, round 2 of cleaning is going to be needed.

Depending on how bad the odor is, some people even resort to changing the carpet.

Rather than spend all that time and money, all while keeping your fingers crossed that it will work, you should check out a product that is guaranteed to solve the problem.

Most people don’t realize but scented cleaning products and air fresheners only mask the problem.  What you need is a solution that will eliminate the problem.

You could buy an expensive air purifier and deal with filter replacement and all those issues.


You can check out an amazing (and affordable) solution and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Check out Biocide Room Shocker.  It’s a  quick-release product that can be (easily) applied inside the home and you’ll have a clean and fresh-smelling home in less than 24 hours.

Room Shocker is very easy to use. Just dissolve the packet in the cup provided for you and some water, and this will release the safe and effective chlorine dioxide that’s inside. Once it’s released, the dioxide will destroy and eliminate any unpleasant odor in the apartment, completely and safely. This is definitely a much easier way to eliminate odors from an apartment than repainting and investing in a purifier!

If you want safe odor elimination solutions that are guaranteed to work – for affordable prices – check out Biocide’s website.  We explain the technology behind the product and offer solutions for all odor problems.