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How to Remove Pet Odors

Have you tried every odor eliminator on the market and your house still smells like a kennel? Have you scrubbed every surface that has been urinated, defecated, and vomited on by your dog or cat but you still get a whiff of the offensive odor every once in a while? Do you worry that your friends and family are hesitant to visit your home because you haven’t figured out how to remove pet odors effectively?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, visit immediately for information and guidance on how to actually remove the odor rather than just masking or perfuming the smell. Learn about the ecologically friendly and newly applicable uses of chlorine dioxide to penetrate every porous surface in your home and oxidize and remove the odor. Read testimonials from pet owners, smokers, and homeowners who have purchased a home from a pet owner or smoker, and the amazing results they achieved through the use of the room Shocker system. The chlorine dioxide vapors are perfectly safe for humans and pets and do not leave the institutional disinfectant smell that chlorine cleaners do.

Pet odors are considered some of the toughest odors to remove but they are no match for the room Shocker. Your home will no longer smell like a kennel but a fresh , inviting place that your friends and family will be happy to visit.

Why Does This Rug Still Smell Like Cat Urine?

If you have cats, chances are that he or she has peed on, or worse sprayed, many of the fabrics and surfaces in your home. Cat urine has the potential to imbed itself into the carpet, furniture, curtains, and other surfaces of your home and linger there for months, even years, if not properly treated. Cat pee odor removal is tougher than other animal odors because when cat urine dries, it forms crystals that adhere to surfaces so many cleaning techniques end up pushing those crystals deeper into the carpet or furniture rather than removing them. If your cat has “sprayed” an area to mark its territory, the odor-causing protein in the urine is even more highly concentrated so the odor is more highly concentrated as well. Ugh. Is there a cat pee odor removal system that actually works or do they all simply mask the odor until the crystals are irritated again and the stench rises anew?

Happily, there is a solution and it will work whether the cat urine if fresh or has been embedded in a sofa or curtain for years: Biocide Systems Avanflex Liquid ClO2 and room Shocker will work in tandem to eliminate car urine odor from every surface and fabric in your home. The Avanflex Liquid ClO2 solution will remove the embedded crystals from the fabrics in your home. Generously spray the affected area, wait 5 to 15 minutes, then blot, don’t rub, the area. The next step is to activate the room Shocker; one unit for each room of the house is recommended to completely eliminate odors. The room Shocker does not require much work from you, simply follow the instructions and leave the room undisturbed for 12 to 36 hours, depending on the severity of the urine infestation.

After the allotted time, reenter a room that you might not recognize because you do not immediately wrinkle your nose to block the stench. It’s true, cat pee odor removal can be achieved and Biocide Systems can help you do it.