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Leaving the Fish Smell at the Lake

We love to fish, love being out on the water, love hooking the big one, we love eating what we catch. We even love telling stories about the one that got away. But none of us love the smell of fish. If you have fish odor in your boat, truck, or home, it isn’t because you don’t want to get rid of it. It’s because you’ve come to accept that as a normal truck and boat smell.

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to live with boat odor in your truck or boat just because you love to fish. Taking care of that truck and boat smell doesn’t have to take all kinds of effort, either. Removing fish odor is easy if you know how to get rid of fish odor from boat or truck.

Chances are, you’ve already tried everything you know. You’ve cleaned your truck and boat the best that you can. You’ve hung air fresheners. You may have even tried spraying your truck and boat down with Lysol or other cleaners. Nothing gets rid of fish smell. That is, nothing except Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker.

Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker are both manufactured and distributed by Biocide Systems.  The odor is released and the byproduct is fresh, clean oxygen. They don’t mask over boat smell and truck odor. They eliminate it completely at its most basic level.

Make sure you order plenty. You’re going to want Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker on hand to use after your fishing trips. Keeping the boat smell fresh is easy when you know how to get rid of fish odor from boat or truck: Just use Biocide System’s Auto Shocker and Marine Shocker. Even tough fish odors have to go when you Bio-Shock™ them and other boat smells won’t stand a chance.

Is There Something Fishy Going on at Home?

Healthy living is important to you.  You keep yourself and your family active.  You make sure that they eat healthy and part of your healthy menu is fish twice a week.  Even though you and your family love fish and you know the benefits of eating fish, you are considering removing fish completely from your family’s meals.  Fresh fish is the healthiest choice, but you hate to have fish odor in your house.  You love the taste of cod and perch, but is it worth the smell?

You’ve tried to cover up that fish smell, but nothing seems to work.  Now you smell ocean mist and fish.  That may be pleasant when you are on the ocean, but it is not in your home.  What you need is an odor eliminator!  Fortunately through their patented chloride dioxide solution, Biocide Systems has the solution for the fish odor in your house.  Biocide Solutions don’t cover up odors they eliminate them completely.  You know if they can eliminate fish smell, their Room Shockers will eliminate any house odors.

Enjoy your salmon, cod, tilapia, trout and yes even perch.  You can fry it, bake it, or poach it, no matter how you prefer your fish, fish odor in the house is no longer a concern.  Safe around food, your family and pets, this eco-friendly solution is the odor eliminator that you need.  Of course Biocide Systems will eliminate any odor and keep your home smelling spring clean.

Do you go fishing?  Even if you don’t have a fish cleaning house, catch your limit.  Cleaning fish in the kitchen is no longer an issue either.  With their thirty day release system, Biocide Systems can handle all the fish smell that you can create.  Catch them, clean them and cook them and know that the  odor eliminator is always at work keeping your house fresh and odor free.

You don’t have to give up fish, not even perch.  You just have to visit  Once you do, all of your odor problems are gone.  Forever!!