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Keeping Odor at Bay in the Kennel Business

Have you noticed that pet owners have become increasingly fussy about the way their pets are taken care of? To see some of them, you would think that they were leaving their kids with you. There’s two ways to look at this: As a problem, or as an opportunity. If you can run an outstanding kennel that sets the bar high for cleanliness, you can get a real leg up on the competition.

We don’t need to tell you how to clean up after animals. If you’re in the kennel business, you already know how to take care of pets and how to keep their areas clean. The problem most kennel operators run into is controlling the odors that come with running a kennel. Let’s face it, most pet odor removal products just don’t work, especially when you’re dealing with large numbers of pets.

If you have the right pet odor removal products, however, it’s easy to get rid of kennel odor. Try using Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker. When you Bio-Shock your kennels, you can remove all pet odors, usually with a single application.

Use Room Shocker for any indoor kennel areas where pets are kept. Room Shocker’s Quick Release formula works fast and knocks out kennel odor on the molecular level. You will, of course, want to remove the pets from the kennel while using Room Shocker. Use Liquid Shocker for outdoor areas, or to deal with small spots that are causing odor (such as a corner where dogs or cats have peed repeatedly).

Both Liquid Shocker and Room Shocker are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and humans. Both eliminate odor completely.

When you Bio-Shock your kennels regularly, your clients will be the first to notice how clean your kennels smell compared to other places they have left their pets. When that happens, word is sure to get out that yours are the best kennels in the area.

Pet Odors Stink – Get Rid of Them Fast!

Your pets are part of the family, but unfortunately they’re not always as responsible as their human counterparts. Eventually, you’ll encounter a situation where you’ll need something for pet odor removalPet urine odor smells can be particularly difficult to get rid of, and cat pee odor removal is among the hardest. When your furry feline decides to leave its mark somewhere other than the litter box, you need a pet odor removal product that gets the job done right. You need Biocide’s Room Shocker.

Biocide Room Shocker Quick Release is perfect for cat pee odor removal and works fast, so you don’t have to deal with the smell any longer than necessary. Simply place the Room Shocker packet in the room with the pet urine odor and leave it be for a day. When you come back, the room will smell like new and you’ll have used no harmful chemicals to get it that way. Instead, Room Shocker uses chlorine dioxide to neutralize pet urine odor smells rather than masking them with fragrances.

Sometimes, you need a pet odor removal solution for your vehicle. Pets often get nervous while riding in cars and may be more prone to accidents. Because a car is a small, confined space, you need something special for pet odor removal in such a place. For cat pee odor removal and other pet urine odor problems in cars, use Biocide Auto Shocker. Auto Shocker is specially formulated to work inside vehicles and get rid of nasty pet smells, fast. In such a tiny area, an effective cat pee odor removal system is a necessity!

Whether you need a pet odor removal system for your home or car, Biocide has you covered. Both Auto Shocker and Room Shocker get rid of pet urine odors fast without using any harmful chemicals. Make cat pee odor removal a cinch with Biocide.

How to Remove Pet Odors – Fast!

While you love your furry friend like it’s a part of the family, you probably don’t care too much for the odors it leaves behind. Pet odor removal can be quite a daunting task, especially when it comes to cat pee odor removal. If you’re struggling with how to remove pet odors, you need Biocide’s Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator.

If you’re dealing with urine odors, particularly in the case of cat pee odor removal, you should try our ClO2 Liquid Shocker. The Liquid Shocker is a concentrated liquid chlorine dioxide solution that’s applied directly to the affected area and left on for about 15 minutes. After using the Liquid Shocker, follow up with Room Shocker for complete pet odor removal.

If you’ve ever had a run-in with cat urine, you know it’s a smell that doesn’t go away easily. One of the most difficult aspects of learning how to remove pet odors comes from dealing with cat urine. Cat urine contains a specific protein which gives it a strong and pungent smell that is very hard to get rid of. Many people try things like vinegar to get rid of the smell, but this simply masks it and as soon as it comes in to contact with any type of moisture, you need to try cat pee odor removal tactics all over again! On top of that, in the meanwhile you end up having to deal with the smell of vinegar, which is also unpleasant.

When you use ClO2 Liquid Shocker to deal with the offending urine stain and then Room Shocker, you’ll have the perfect combination for pet odor removal. Room Shocker works in about 24 hours and leaves you with a fresh, clean smelling space. It’s the best solution when you’re faced with the dilemma of how to remove pet odors.

Room Shocker Quick Release is also great for other pet odor removal problems. Although dog urine smells aren’t nearly as offensive as cat urine, you still need to thoroughly clean them up. Room Shocker works well for getting rid of vomit, cat litter and other general unpleasant pet smells.

If you have pets, you’ll eventually need to use something for pet odor removal. Instead of waiting around for something bad to happen, purchase our Room Shocker Odor Eliminator now so you’re ready when disaster strikes. After all, cat pee odor removal is not something you want to wait around to do.