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Are Pet Odors Putting a Strain On Your Relationship?

Being an animal lover may help show your sensitive side, but smelling like your dog won’t score extra points with your girlfriend. Instead of showing your love for your pets by smelling the same, consider using a dog odor remover to neutralize the smell.

When it comes to pet urine odor, air fresheners and conventional carpet cleaners don’t work. They only mask the odor for a brief amount of time. Don’t waste your time on products that don’t work. Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator will have your home smelling like it did when you bought it.

Using Avanflex liquid Cl02 and Room Shocker Quick Release will help keep your house smelling fresh and clean all year long. Biocide Systems picks up where other products fall short. Our solutions actually break the odor down and make it disappear rather than just trying to cover it up. 

Most companies that claim to have a dog odor remover  only have an air freshener or mask. Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans so potty training your pet with the other solutions is out of the question because the urine smell will still actually be there. Dogs can smell through deodorizers and cleaners to find the spot they have marked.

Since Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator breaks down the pet urine odor, there is nothing left for your pet to smell. This will make house training your dog a lot easier. It will also make your girlfriend happy, knowing she doesn’t have to smell your pet every time she comes over.

If you need something to eliminate pet odors or musty odors in your house, car, or office, Biocide Systems is for you. Our products are both effective and easy to use. If you have any questions, contact us and let us help.

Keep Your Pet Odor, I’m Out!

So, your better half has given you an ultimatum. It’s either them or the dog. While it may be tempting, letting your significant other go is not the answer. Letting go of your dog doesn’t sound like a great option either. So, what is the answer?

Since, smelling like your dog did not score you any extra points with your significant other, and has most likely earned you a spot in the dog house, you may want to consider more reasonable methods.

When it comes to pet odor, especially pet urine odor, don’t waste your time or money trying things that only mask the odor. Try something that will eliminate it completely. Our Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator will have your home smelling like it did before you ever had a pet.

Using an effective odor eliminator periodically will help keep your house smelling fresh and clean. This is the best way to keep you, your significant other, and your dog happy. Biocide Systems picks up where other products leave off. Our solution will break the odor down and make it disappear rather than just trying to “sweep it under the rug”.

What good is a dog odor remover if it doesn’t actually remove the odor? Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans so if you are trying to potty train your pet with the other guys’ solution, forget it. They can smell through the deodorizers and cleaners to find the spot they previously marked.

Since Room Shocker Quick Release Odor Eliminator breaks down the pet urine odor, you do not have to worry about there being anything for your dog to smell. This will make it much easier to break your dog from going to the bathroom in your house.

Whether you are looking for something to eliminate pet odors, musty odors, skunk odors, or any other offensive odors, Biocide Systems has exactly what you need. Our products are quick, effective, and easy to use. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to help. When it comes to removing musty odors, dog and cat odors, or other offensive smells, we’ve got the solution!

You Can’t Potty Train Pets If the House Smells Like Pee

Trying to potty train a new dog or cat can be difficult.  Even if you are using a crate when you are away, a single accident can leave your home smelling awful and create an odor that continually signals to your pet that the spot is one where it is okay for him or her to relieve themselves.  Pet urine odors are incredibly unpleasant and can make it embarrassing to entertain guests or allow people into your home.  Worst of all, lingering dog or cat urine odors are almost always a beacon for your pet to continue using the restroom in the house.  If you are looking for help potty training your pet, removing odors with Room Shocker can be a lifesaver.

Room Shocker is a chlorine dioxide odor eliminator that can quickly and easily remove odors caused by pet urine.  When you Bio-Shock your home, you can rest assured not only that the smell will go away, but that it will stay gone.  That means that you will no longer have to worry about lingering smells that might embarrass you in front of guests, and it also means a cleaner and fresher smelling home.  With the odors removed, potty training your pet will also be a much simpler task.

At Biocide Systems, we know that potty training your pets is hard enough without constantly trying new pet urine odor removal products.  Many of the products on the market today simply cover up odors, acting instead as air fresheners.  If you are tired of your home smelling like a litter box or pet urinal, it’s time to do something that works.  Room Shocker gets rid of urine odors once and for all, giving you back your clean, fresh-smelling home without worrying that you won’t be able to keep your new pet indoors.

What to Do When Pet Urine Smells Have Set In

There are all sorts of reasons why pets pee in the house. From new pets that just need to be potty trained to cats which weren’t neutered fast enough to prevent them from marking the bed posts (you know, just in case a female feline was looking for a good time in your room), removing pet urine smells is among the toughest household cleaning chores.

Or is it? The truth is, if you have the right products and know how to get rid of cat urine smell (or dog urine smell, for that matter), it really isn’t very hard at all. Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker is the best pet urine odor remover on the market today. Even better, you’ll find that Bio-Shocking your home eliminates all odors, leaving your home with a neutral scent.

So, what’s so special about Room Shocker? The secret is in how it works. Have you ever noticed when you use most cleaning and odor removal products that you are able to eliminate pet urine and other offensive odors for a while, but the smell ends up coming right back in a day or two? The reason for this is that you never really eliminated the odor.

Most odors are caused by organic matter decaying. This includes pet urine. The reason why Room Shocker is the best pet urine odor remover on the market is that its active ingredient reacts chemically with the organic molecules which cause odor. The reaction eliminates odor and releases harmless ions into the atmosphere.

Of course, Bio-Shocking is just one step in the process. You’ll also need to train your pets to go potty outside or in the litter box. What many people don’t realize, though, is that it’s much easier to train your animals not to pee in the house when the house doesn’t smell like pet urine. When your pets smell urine in the house, they figure that’s where they should pee.

This is even worse if the urine smell was originally from someone else’s pets. Most pets, if they smell another pet’s urine in their “turf” will take it as a challenge and mark the territory themselves. That’s why even potty trained pets sometimes have trouble when they move to a new home.

When you remove the urine odor with the best pet urine odor remover and train your pets, you can keep the urine smell out of your home permanently.

Summertime is Cleanup Time for Your Kennel

Dogs light up our lives. Those of us who have them would never want to be without one. Still, our furry friends can be a lot of work and can bring a lot of unwanted odors into our lives. If you have a kennel in your yard, you’re going to need to know how to get rid of kennel odor…at least if you want to enjoy your yard this summer.

If you’re like most dog owners, you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of kennel odor to no avail. Some odors, like pet urine odor, have a way of resisting even the strongest cleaners and air fresheners. Fortunately, there is a product that works to eliminate pet urine odor and other dog odors: Biocide Systems’ Liquid Shocker.

You may ask, “What’s so different about Liquid Shocker?”

That’s a fair question. After all, you’ve already tried other products and they didn’t work. What’s so different about ours?

The difference is simple. Most odor removal products are designed to mask or cover up smells rather than actually removing them. They don’t deal with actually removing the odor. Liquid Shocker does.

When you Bio-Shock™ your kennel with Liquid Shocker, the chlorine dioxide in Liquid Shocker removes pet urine odor and other pet related odors. It results in the complete elimination of odor, leaving your kennel smelling clean and odor-neutral. Simply follow the instructions with the product and you’ll know how to get rid of kennel odor fast.

While Liquid Shocker is effective against most types of chemical odors, it is especially effective against organic odors. Since the odors dogs leave behind them are generally organic in nature, Liquid Shocker is particularly effective on kennel odors.

Is your dog an indoor/outdoor dog? Order some Room Shocker to take care of indoor pet odors. Pet urine odors and other offensive smells are eliminated completely with Room Shocker. Dog owners are also advised to pick up a doggiCLEEN Skunk 911 kit. While we hope you never have to use it, you’ll be glad you ordered it if your dog ever does get skunked.