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How to Eliminate Skunk Odor Wherever You Find It

When Pepe le Pew visits you, it doesn’t really matter whether he sprays the dog, the kids, or the house. You have an instant odor problem and you need to get rid of smell, stat.

If you’ve ever tried a “tried and true” skunk odor remover like tomato juice, you know that it just doesn’t work. You can scrub and scrub until your fingers smell as bad the area the skunk sprayed and there will still be residual skunk odor-and nobody wants to live with that. On top of that fact that you didn’t get rid of smell and still have skunk odor to deal with, using tomato juice stains everything and leaves you with a mess. Who needs that?

Maybe you’ve tried an odor remover off the store shelves and found that you didn’t fare any better against skunk odor. That’s because the average odor remover doesn’t really remove odor at all. All they do is try to cover odors up, often masking them under layers of perfume. No one wants skunk odor in their house, even if it is perfumed skunk odor.

If you want to get rid of a smell- to truly eliminate it - that’s where Biocide Systems’ series of odor removers comes in.

Biocide Systems offers a variety of products designed to remove skunk odor in your home, on your pets, or just about anywhere else. The products are applied differently to best handle the need, but they work on the same basic concept: destroy odors leaving the affected area odor-neutral.

They achieve this by using chlorine dioxide so the odor is neutralized, and your home (or dog, or whatever) is left completely odor free.

Check out Biocide Systems’ full line of skunk odor remover products. We recommend keeping at least one Skunk 911 kit on hand. After all, skunks don’t generally send a calling card before their next visit.

No One Wants to Live With Skunk Odor. Get Rid of It. Fast.

Did your house get skunked? We don’t need to tell you that you want to get remove skunk smell from house and remove it right away. You can get rid of skunk smell from home right away with Biocide Systems’ Skunk 911 Home Kit.

Biocide’s Room Shocker uses safe Chlorine Dioxide to neutralize skunk odor and other smells, leaving your room smelling clean and odor neutral. It’s fast, effective, and safe, even if you have children and pets. By following the instructions, you can eliminate skunk odor inside your home.

Chances are, you’ve heard of home remedies for skunk odor. Perhaps you’ve even tried them. But what do you do when you’re elbow deep in tomato juice and baking powder and your home still smells like the skunk just ran through it? And what do you do about furniture, carpeting, and other surfaces which absorb odors but aren’t exactly manufactured with tomato juice baths in mind?

One option is just to throw everything away, but that’s awfully expensive (to say nothing of having to deal with the skunk odor while you’re ripping carpet out). A better way to get rid of skunk smell from your home, including the carpeting and furniture, is to use Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker.

If you’ve ever had your house skunked, you never want to go through it again. Unfortunately, though, skunks are very prolific little rodents. Where there’s one of them, there are lots of them. There are steps you can take (like calling an exterminator) to reduce the chance that you’ll deal with more skunks, but there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll never have to remove skunk smell from house again.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to go ahead and order two Skunk 911 Home Kits, just in case. If your home is ever skunked again, you won’t have to live with the skunk odor next time. You’ll be able to remove skunk smell from house and furniture right away. Don’t live with skunk odor any more than you need to. Get rid of skunk smell from home with Biocide Systems’ Skunk 911 Home Kit.

Is There Anything Better Than Tomato Juice for Skunk Odor?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, your home has just been skunked. Assuming you’re familiar with the old home remedies, you’re already up to your elbows in red slime because you tried tomato juice for skunk odor. And, like most of us who have ever faced the same situation, you’ve learned something: No matter what you’ve been told, tomato juice is just not an effective way to get rid of skunk smell from home.

To get rid of skunk smell from home, you need Biocide roomSHOCKER. Because it penetrates porous materials, you can even get rid of skunk smell from home furnishings and carpet. Biocide roomSHOCKER oxidizes all organic matter that it touches, turning the musk which causes skunk odor into chloride and chlorite ions. These ions are completely harmless, making roomSHOCKER a perfectly safe way to take your home back from that skunk odor.

Using tomato juice for skunk smell takes a lot of time and only ends up making a mess. What’s worse, it doesn’t even work on porous surfaces. Even if it did, the juice would run many household accoutrements. By using Biocide products, you’ll get the job done a lot faster and more effectively without damaging your home, carpet or furniture.

What’s more, Biocide roomSHOCKER is non toxic and environmentally friendly, so you won’t need to worry about hurting dogs, cats, birds, or other animals you actually want around your home. We hope you never need to get rid of skunk smell from home again, but in case you do, it’s always a good idea to keep some roomSHOCKER on hand. In addition to being the best way to get rid of skunk smell from home, it works great on many of the most common pet and household odors.

Save the tomato juice for your famous chili recipe. When you need to deal with skunk odor, Biocide roomSHOCKER is the way to go. Nothing beats it when you need to get rid of skunk odor from home.