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  • Are Musty Odors Turning Your Rental Properties Into A Headache?

    Owning rental property comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially when a tenant moves out. Dealing with an uncooperative tenant can mean a lot more than just a few late payments and chasing your money. It can also mean that when they move out, you are left with a huge mess.

    If you have ever had to evict your tenants, you know that things can get ugly really quick. Food left in the refrigerator, trash left all over the house, and the list goes on. Musty odor removal  can be tedious and expensive if you don’t do it right.

    Cleaning carpets is not enough to ensure that you have completely eliminated the musty odor in the house.  Using Room Shocker Quick Release after proper cleaning will leave you  resting easy, knowing that the awful odor won’t come back in a couple of days and scare new tenants away.

    Walking into a musty smell in the house doesn’t have to get you down. With Biocide Systems Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker ClO2, you can make musty odor removal the least of your worries. Unlike a lot of other products on the market, these odor removal products actually remove musty odors.

    Most products work for a while and eventually wear off, but with ClO2 technology, Room Shocker Quick Release and Liquid Shocker ClO2 can have your room smelling fresh in no time and they will eliminate musty odors instead of just masking them.

    If you are looking for the perfect solution to your odor problem, Biocide Systems can help. We have solutions for even the most difficult odors. Don’t waste your time with ineffective products and air fresheners that don’t work. Contact us today and let us help you save your time and money.

  • How Do Biocide Systems’ Odor Eliminating Products Stack Up Against the Competition?

    We have all heard of odor removal products and air fresheners, but a lot of these products do exactly the same thing. Most of them cover up odors as opposed to truly eliminating them. This makes about as much sense as putting on cologne without ever taking a shower first. Eventually, the bad odor will come back to haunt you.

    Biocide Systems has actual odor eliminating products that will break down odors to keep them from coming back time and time again. After all, who wants to keep spending money on air fresheners when you can permanently eliminate the odor?

    So, what do we have that makes our products more effective than other odor removal products? Each odor eliminator is equipped with Chlorine Dioxide which removes the odor at its source. With the help of ClO2-DMG™ technology, each odor remover releases a nontoxic Clo2 vapor, into a confined space. The Chlorine Dioxide vapor will deeply penetrate porous materials, and eliminate the odor.

    Biocide Systems doesn’t just sell a “one size fits all” odor remover. We take into account several factors when making our odor eliminating products. We look at whether the odor is in your home, your car, or another area. We also look at what type of odor it is and the surface. We have specific odor removers for skunk smells on your dog, smoke odors in your car, and musty odors in your house.

    Other brands that sell one product for every type of odor may work a little, but you will often notice that the smell is never completely gone. By designing each of our products for certain odors and areas, we can, more effectively, eliminate the odor from your home or car.

    Don’t buy a product that only “freshens” the air or claims to get rid of every smell you can think of. Go with an odor eliminating system that is tailored to your odor eliminating needs. Go with Biocide Systems and rest easy knowing that odors will be gone for good. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-877-792-4624

  • Keeping the Smell Out Of Your Profits

    Rental property and foreclosures are a great way to make extra cash, but there are a few things that come along with these ventures.  Anyone that has ever owned a rental home or bought foreclosures to resell them has most likely encountered smells that are less than desirable, especially that all too familiar musty smell in the house

    A lot of times when you go into a home that been foreclosed on, trash has been left along with food and anything else the previous owners didn’t want. This is usually not a fun thing to walk into. Rotting food and trash comes with a smell that can send you running the other way.

    This generally leaves a lot to be done in order to get a house ready for new tenants or owners. There is no way anyone is going to buy or rent a house that is left smelling like something died in there. Getting rid of that musty smell in the house can be quite a chore without the proper odor eliminating products.

    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate those atrocious odors, you should consider using our odor eliminating systems. Our Room Shocker Quick Release and Room Shocker Time Release are a great combination for getting even the most stubborn odors out.

    With Biocide Systems, you can spend less time eliminating odors and more time concentrating on things like selling or renting homes. The best part about our products is that you don’t have to worry about the odors coming back. We don’t sell products that “freshen” the air. We sell odor removal products that break the odors down and permanently eliminates them, instead of putting another smell on top of the odor in hopes of masking it.

    If you are ready to eliminate odors, give us a call at 877-792-4624 today.

  • Must Have Odor Removal Products for Fire Remediators

    It doesn’t take long in the fire remediation business to realize that one of your toughest tasks is an unseen enemy: removing smoke smell. Chances are, you’ve tried every bad odor remover on the market. After all, home improvement stores and even grocery stores have aisle after aisle of odor removal products. The problem with using them for fire remediation odors is that most of them only offer a temporary fix to a much longer lasting problem.

    Fire remediators have a number of odors to deal with when salvaging or restoring a home. The first, and most obvious, is the smoke smell. Most odor removal products simply can’t touch it. Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker can. Next is the musty smell that comes from the home being drenched in an effort to put the fire out. While neither Room Shocker not Liquid Shocker is designed to fight mold or mildew, they can and do eliminate the odors caused by these and other substances.

    The reason Biocide Systems’ products are so effective when other odor removal products are not is really fairly simple: Biocide Systems’ bad odor removal products are designed to find the source of odors (usually an organic source of one sort or another) and eliminate the odors. The end result is a completely odor free home. No more smoke smell. No more musty odors. As a matter of fact, chances are the home will smell fresher than it did before the fire. Odor causing molecules will be neutralized, leaving only a clean, odor free area.

    Best of all, Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker are easy to use. You’ll notice the difference in the smell after only one application. Bundle packages are available to fire remediators, contractors, and others who anticipate needing to keep bottles of Room Shocker on hand.

  • Keeping Odor at Bay in the Kennel Business

    Have you noticed that pet owners have become increasingly fussy about the way their pets are taken care of? To see some of them, you would think that they were leaving their kids with you. There’s two ways to look at this: As a problem, or as an opportunity. If you can run an outstanding kennel that sets the bar high for cleanliness, you can get a real leg up on the competition.

    We don’t need to tell you how to clean up after animals. If you’re in the kennel business, you already know how to take care of pets and how to keep their areas clean. The problem most kennel operators run into is controlling the odors that come with running a kennel. Let’s face it, most pet odor removal products just don’t work, especially when you’re dealing with large numbers of pets.

    If you have the right pet odor removal products, however, it’s easy to get rid of kennel odor. Try using Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker. When you Bio-Shock your kennels, you can remove all pet odors, usually with a single application.

    Use Room Shocker for any indoor kennel areas where pets are kept. Room Shocker’s Quick Release formula works fast and knocks out kennel odor on the molecular level. You will, of course, want to remove the pets from the kennel while using Room Shocker. Use Liquid Shocker for outdoor areas, or to deal with small spots that are causing odor (such as a corner where dogs or cats have peed repeatedly).

    Both Liquid Shocker and Room Shocker are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and humans. Both eliminate odor completely.

    When you Bio-Shock your kennels regularly, your clients will be the first to notice how clean your kennels smell compared to other places they have left their pets. When that happens, word is sure to get out that yours are the best kennels in the area.

  • Why Most Odor Removal Products Don’t Eliminate Smoking Odors

    If you’re a smoker, you might not know what the fuss is about smoke odors. After all, you’re accustomed to the smell and it doesn’t bother you, as long as it isn’t totally out of control. Your nonsmoking friends, however, probably don’t feel the same way. You might think that spraying Lysol or other odor removal products or putting some potpourri out eliminates smoke odors, but your nonsmoking friends will still notice them.

    Whether you’re trying to make your home or apartment smell nice or trying to remove smoke odor from car, you need odor removal products that actually remove the odors. Most products simply cover them up (and not very well). Biocide Systems’ line of odor removal products completely and permanently eliminates smoke odors. It also eliminates pet odors and other organic odors (i.e., the vast majority of odors in your home or car).

    Most odor removal products don’t’ do anything to deal with the actual odor. Air fresheners and similar products try to make your home or car smell better by masking the smell with another smell. The reason Biocide Systems’ odor removal products work better is that they deal with odors on a molecular level. When you use Room Shocker, Auto Shocker, or one of Biocide Systems’ other odor removal products, the active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) bonds with the odorous molecules. Harmless ions are released and the chemical makeup of the odor causing molecules is changed. You are left with an odor-neutral space.

    Whether you are trying to remove smoke odor from car, eliminate musty odors from a room, or dealing with skunk smell on your dog, Biocide Systems has the perfect odor removal products for you. They all work on the same principle: completely and permanently eliminating odors. The choice is yours: you can use standard odor removal products and cover up the smells with fragrance or you can Bio-Shock your home and car and eliminate the odors completely.

  • What to Do When the House Smells Like a Wet Dog

    We love our dogs and would do anything for them. Some of the smells they drag in the house after them? Not so much. To keep your home smelling clean and fresh, you need a pet odor eliminator that really works.

    If you’ve ever tried to keep your home looking and smelling clean with a dog around, you know that it’s no easy task. On top of your efforts to keep the dog reasonably clean, you need to be able to get pet odor out of carpets, mattresses, furniture, and upholstery. Unfortunately, your average pet odor eliminator doesn’t accomplish all that. Neither does your average carpet odor eliminator. You need a pet odor eliminator that doubles as a carpet odor eliminator and a furniture odor eliminator. You need Room Shocker Quick Release and Liquid Shocker.

    Biocide Systems has a complete line of odor eliminating products that knock odors out at the molecular level. The groundbreaking formula uses chlorine dioxide, a naturally occurring chemical which bonds naturally with the organic matter which causes pet odors. When the active ingredient in Room Shocker bonds with the smelly organic matter, odors are completely eliminated. We’re not talking about covering up or perfuming over pet odors. We’re talking about eliminating them completely. There simply is not a more effective pet odor eliminator or carpet odor eliminator on the market today.

    Room Shocker can handle the toughest odors your dog can throw at it. Wet dog smell? No problem? Even if your dog is sprayed y a skunk and brings the smell inside, Room Shocker can eliminate the odor.

    When ordering Room Shocker, you might also want to consider picking up some Doggi Cleen Skunk spray. It’s the easiest, most effective way to get rid of the smell should your dog have a run in with a skunk (and let’s face it, you don’t want to wait until after your dog has met the skunk to order it if you can help it).

    Check out our whole line of odor elimination products for your pets, kennels, homes, apartments, cars, boats, and more. If it smells bad (because of wet dog or something else), Biocide Systems has a product to eliminate the odor.

  • Summertime Odors and How to Kick Them Out of Your House

    Most of us love that clean, fresh feeling in our homes after we get done with the spring cleaning. Unfortunately, though, most houses don’t stay smelling clean for long. It’s not your fault. You used the best odor removal products you had, but have found that removing house odors can be a losing battle…or at least one that you have to repeat over and over again.

    The reason for this is fairly simple. Most odor removal products don’t do anything about the source of the odor. All they do is mask over the smell. Theoretically, the other cleaning you do eliminates the actual source of the odors in your home. Unfortunately, though, the most potent odors tend to hide in your carpeting and the upholstery of your furniture, making them hard to get to.

    Summertime is especially tough when it comes to household odors. Most of us keep the house closed up and the air conditioning running. Unfortunately, this provides a perfect situation for the decaying organic material and microorganisms which cause household odors. Removing house odors does little good if you don’t also eliminate the source of the odor.

    To eliminate household odors at their source, you need odor removal products that can get to the source of the odor and neutralize it. You need Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker Quick Release. Room Shocker uses chlorine dioxide, a chemical which naturally forms a molecular bond with organic materials which cause odor. When this bonding occurs, the odor is eliminated-completely neutralized. It’s safe, it’s fast, and it’s effective.

    If you’ve tried removing house odors and nothing seems to be working, BioShock your home. You’ll see right away the difference that Room Shocker can make. Then, once you’ve eliminated the source of the odors in your home, use Room Shocker Time Release to keep new odors from moving in and ruining your summer.

    It’s summer time. You don’t want to be inside scrubbing and trying to find the source of every household odor. Let Room Shocker handle that for you so you can go and enjoy your summer.

  • Worst HazMat Odors and How to Handle Them

    After a fire, flood, or other disaster, all people want is a return to normalcy. If you’re in the home remediation business, you undoubtedly know how much it means to people when they’re able to move back into their homes. One of the toughest aspects of home remediation is removing house odors that are left behind after a home has been damaged by fire or water. Whether you’re dealing with residual smoke smell from a fire, musty smell from water damage due to floods or the water used to put out a fire, or other odors, the right odor removal products can make all the difference in the world.

    How many times have you gone through a house repeatedly, spraying Lysol other odor removal products? Have you ever wondered why the smell just keeps coming back? To understand why odors are so difficult to get rid of (and to know which odor removal products will get the job done right the first time), you need to understand a little bit about what causes odors in the first place.

    Most household odors, including the kinds commonly dealt with in home remediation, are caused by the decay of organic materials. This happens on a molecular level, making it very hard to get rid of all the organic material that’s causing the odor. Most so-called odor removal products don’t even try to remove or fundamentally change the matter that’s causing the odor-they just cover it up.

    Obviously, covering up odor is NOT removing house odors. If you want to eliminate the odors completely, you need odor removal products that attack the problem at its source-the decaying organic material. You need Liquid Shocker and Room Shocker Quick Release by Biocide Systems.

    Biocide Systems’ line of products works by causing a chemical reaction which fundamentally changes the organic materials that cause home odors. When used as directed, the chlorine dioxide in their products bonds with the organic material, completely eliminating the odor and releasing harmless ions into the air. Organic odors are eliminated completely, leaving the home smelling fresh, clean, and odor neutral.

  • Summer Time is Odor Time for Pets

    There’s no time like summer time. Time to soak up some rays, crank up the AC, and let the kids and pets run wild and free. Unfortunately, though, all that time outside means that pets (and kids, for that matter), tend to pick up some pretty grungy odors. While regular baths are the best way to keep the pets (and kids) from staying smelly, it’s impossible to keep the odor completely away.

    Even the cleanest dogs will end up smelling funky (and making the carpet and furniture smell just as funky) if you don’t have the right odor removal products. The fact that we tend to keep our homes closed up during the dog days of summer only makes pet odors worse.

    You keep a clean home, and chances are that you’ve tried all kinds of odor removal products. Most of them seem to work OK for a while, but the pet odors just keep coming back. The reason, frankly, is that your average pet odor eliminator doesn’t eliminate odors at all; it only covers them up and masks them with fragrance. Trying to get rid of pet odors in your home with those kinds of odor removal products is kind of like skipping showers and just putting on extra cologne or perfume-sooner or later the stink is going to come through.

    What if we told you there’s a pet odor eliminator that does more than cover odors up? What if we told you about odor removal products that actually remove the odors completely? Using those kinds of odor removal products would be a no brainer, right?

    Biocide Systems produces a variety of odor removal products, including the best pet odor eliminator on the market. No matter what kinds of smells your dog brings into the house-even if your dog has an unfortunate run in with a skunk- you can count on Biocide Systems to deliver a pure, odor neutral atmosphere to your home.

    All of Biocide Systems’ products, from our Room Shocker and Auto Shocker to our Doggi Cleen spray, operate on the same basic principle. Odors are caused by decaying organic matter. Our products find that matter, whether it’s on the pets or in the carpet, and bond with it, causing a harmless chemical reaction that eliminates odors completely at their source. Wherever you happen to be dealing with pet odors this summer-in the car, in the home, or in the kennel, Biocide Systems has the odor removal products you need to get rid of the odor fast.

  • How to Upgrade the Smell of Your Victorian Remodel

    The housing market is tough these days. One of the few bright spots for those who would dabble in real estate is the popularity of remodeled Victorian style homes. Unlike many of the homes being built today, Victorian era houses were built to last. This is attested to by the fact that so many of them are still around and in reasonably good (or at least reasonably restorable) shape.

    Most people who deal with remodels already know how to take a Victorian home that’s in rough shape and get it looking right again. One problem common to Victorian era homes which remodelers have a tough time with is how to remove odor from rooms within the house.

    What you may not realize while you’re walking through the home with a can of air freshener in each hand is that you are dealing with odors which are (at least in some cases) as old as the house itself. On top of that, you’re dealing with odors which are (again, at least in some cases) set in deep into places where you can’t reach to scrub them away (like inside the walls).

    Most odor removal products won’t take care of the problem. Sure, you can mask the smell long enough to show the home, but most home buyers are savvy enough to know that the house only smells like potpourri because you sprayed air freshener all over the place. On top of that, many of them realize that the reason you use air freshener is because the home has odors you don’t want them to catch. This can affect what they offer for a house (or whether they offer anything at all).

    Room Shocker Quick Release by Biocide Systems is designed to eliminate all kinds of organic odors. It can find and destroy odors in places where other odor removal products simply can’t. When you need to remove odor from room in your Victorian remodel, don’t waste your time with odor removal products that don’t really remove odors. BioShock the house with Room Shocker.

  • Summertime is Cleanup Time for Your Kennel

    Dogs light up our lives. Those of us who have them would never want to be without one. Still, our furry friends can be a lot of work and can bring a lot of unwanted odors into our lives. If you have a kennel in your yard, you’re going to need to know how to get rid of kennel odor…at least if you want to enjoy your yard this summer.

    If you’re like most dog owners, you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of kennel odor to no avail. Some odors, like pet urine odor, have a way of resisting even the strongest cleaners and air fresheners. Fortunately, there is a product that works to eliminate pet urine odor and other dog odors: Biocide Systems’ Liquid Shocker.

    You may ask, “What’s so different about Liquid Shocker?”

    That’s a fair question. After all, you’ve already tried other products and they didn’t work. What’s so different about ours?

    The difference is simple. Most odor removal products are designed to mask or cover up smells rather than actually removing them. They don’t deal with actually removing the odor. Liquid Shocker does.

    When you Bio-Shock™ your kennel with Liquid Shocker, the chlorine dioxide in Liquid Shocker removes pet urine odor and other pet related odors. It results in the complete elimination of odor, leaving your kennel smelling clean and odor-neutral. Simply follow the instructions with the product and you’ll know how to get rid of kennel odor fast.

    While Liquid Shocker is effective against most types of chemical odors, it is especially effective against organic odors. Since the odors dogs leave behind them are generally organic in nature, Liquid Shocker is particularly effective on kennel odors.

    Is your dog an indoor/outdoor dog? Order some Room Shocker to take care of indoor pet odors. Pet urine odors and other offensive smells are eliminated completely with Room Shocker. Dog owners are also advised to pick up a doggiCLEEN Skunk 911 kit. While we hope you never have to use it, you’ll be glad you ordered it if your dog ever does get skunked.

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