Food and Cooking Odor Eliminator

raw fish meat on brown chopping boardBio-Shocker™ products from Biocide Systems have been proven to be effective odor eliminating solutions. Our cooking odor remover uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to neutralize odor-causing molecules through oxidation. Once released into the air, our product is drawn to odor molecules and strips them of electrons, yielding quick and effective results. All it takes is the positive charge of ClO2 to attract it to negatively charged odor molecules.

Room Shocker Uses

Our cooking smell remover is effective whether used in your home kitchen, restaurant, bar, or fast-food establishment. Even good ventilation and an exhaust fan don’t always get rid of cooking smells. However, Bio-Shocker can completely rid your home or business of the smell of grease, spoiled food, sour milk, or spilled alcohol. It can fight mildew and trash odors and even the strong smell of cooking spices, so occupants of nearby apartments don’t have to contend with it.

Aside from kitchen odors, it can get rid of any bad smell. One treatment can eliminate the smell of pet urine, a musty automobile, or the notoriously foul odor of skunk spray. It is even potent enough to break up the pungent smell of cigarette smoke, which can linger indoors for quite a while.

Order from Biocide Systems Today

We offer our product in quick release containers, formulated to leave rooms, cars, RVs, or boats smelling fresh, and as a spray to remove skunk odors from pets. Bio-Shocker is the solution to getting rid of cooking smells for good. Our cooking odor eliminator is available now, so place your order or call us at 877-792-4624 for more information.


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