Skunk Odor Eliminator

black and white skunkBiocide Systems has developed an animal odor eliminator that leverages the power of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to neutralize odor molecules. It completely eliminates odors because opposing charges draw the gas to the molecules like a magnet. Electrons are removed from these molecules, thereby oxidizing them and destroying the source of the odor.

Skunks smell because of sulfur-based chemicals produced in the animals’ anal glands. The anal gland secretions, which are often sprayed to ward off predators, contain thiol that are known for their foul odor. Skunk encounters are common, but we’ve developed an effective skunk odor removal product that permanently removes skunk smells from your home, pet, or car. 

How to Use DoggiCLEEN™

We offer two forms of Bio-Shocker. One is a quick release container that emits vapors to remove odors from an interior space. The other is a spray. Our DoggiCLEEN™ spray can neutralize skunk odors from a small to medium dog or cat.

It’s not only strong enough to handle skunk spray, our products will also eliminate odors from pet urine, vomit, and litter box waste as well as cigarettes and spoiled food. It’s even strong enough to take on mold and mildew, trash, and a variety of waste smells.

Order Your Skunk Odor Eliminator Today

De-skunking your dog and getting rid of that skunk smell from your house have traditionally been stressful and difficult tasks. Our animal odor eliminator changes all that. To see for yourself, browse our catalog and place your order today. Call 877-792-4624 if you have questions or need assistance.

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