Purge Cigarette Smoke Odors

Extinguishing the stench of cigarette smoke is difficult because the smell often seeps into items in the affected area. Luckily, there is no need to panic, because we here at Biocide Systems have you covered.

Purge Cigarette Smoke Odors from Your House, Apartment or Vehicle (Smoke – Home – Auto - Cigarettes)

For non-smokers, cigarettes have an unbearable smell, and secondhand smoke has long since become a major health issue. Even if steps are taken to ensure that all smoking is performed outside the home or with the windows rolled down, the simple act of a smoker breathing inside can have a harmful effect on those living around them. If someone (such as a previous owner) has actually smoked inside, especially repeatedly, the results can be pretty profound, and the resulting aroma of cigarettes -- which will have buried itself in all the furniture, bedding, carpeting, curtains, etc. -- will be impossible to erase through traditional means (i.e., air fresheners), which will only attempt to mask the smell.

Introducing the Room Shocker™ & Auto Shocker™ ClO2 Odor Eliminator*

With cigarette smoke in particular, the odor permeates deep down into the fibers of the affected area, making liquid/spray-based treatment methods ineffective. Biocide Systems’ Room Shocker™ is gaseous, allowing it to enter the same areas as the smoke, and is also atractted to the smoke as well, causing the vapors to seek out the smoke where ever it hides. This is the perfect recipe for eliminating, and not simply masking, odors -- the Room Shocker™ has the effect of a smart bomb.

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The Biocide Systems Guarantee

In addition to the Room Shocker™ being non-toxic and eco-friendly (and made in the USA), we guarantee its success or your money back.

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