How to Eliminate Smoke Odor (Smoke – General)

Permanently Eliminate Smoke Odor

Smoke odor is not only detrimental to your health, it is also very difficult to eliminate because smoke often permeates into the fibers of everyday items. Most air fresheners cover the smell without eliminating it.

When it comes to odors, they don’t get much worse than smoke: aside from smelling bad, smoke is hazardous to your health and is difficult to fully eradicate. The worst thing you can do, believe it or not, is to try to mask the odor with an air freshener, as this does not eliminate the smell directly.Smoke odor originates from an actual fire or from cigarette smoke and can impact both cars and homes, as well as RVs, commercial buildings, boats and more.Smoke odor is exceedingly difficult to truly eliminate as it quickly and easily permeates many surfaces -- often lingering in fabric and furniture -- and is a strong irritant, as well.

Removing smoke smell from car or home requires an odor removal product that can deal with the smell on a molecular level. Because Biocide Systems’ products do just that, they can eliminate odors, no matter how deep they are set into upholstery, carpet, or furniture. Removing smoke smell from a car or home is easy when you Bio-Shock them.


Eliminating Smoke Odor from Your Home

Knowing that you’re breathing in such unhealthy toxins in the very space you live and sleep -- in the place that you call home -- is a nightmare scenario. Typically, smoke odor in the house comes from three primary sources: fire, cooking, and cigarettes. Each of these three causes of smoke odor requires a slightly different approach to eradicating it, so be sure to read the corresponding pages with instructions carefully.

Eliminating Smoke Odor from Your Car

Unlike with smoke odor in a house or apartment, the vast majority of smoke ends up in the interior of a car as a result of cigarette smoking, and can oftentimes prevent a car from being sold or can make a daily commute miserable for someone taking over usage of the car from a previous owner or user.

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