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Remove All Severe Car

Odors Easily and Effectively 


Yes, That Includes Tough Cigarette Smoke Odor, Musty Smells, Pet Odor And Even The Stench Of Rotten Spoiled Milk Odor.

Success Is Possible! We Guarantee It Or Your Money Back!Money Back Guarantee - Auto Shocker


 We Even Have Testimonials From People Who Have Removed Split Gasoline Smell!

 "I own a 1996 Ford Escort that I acquired from the original owner 5 years ago...she was a chain smoker. The car smelled of heavy smoke all in the upholstery, air vents and everywhere....

...unbearable and was still bad even five years later. I tried everything to get that smell out the car since I have to young kids...rolling down the windows, detailing the car, air fresheners, Febreeze, name it, I tried it and nothing worked.

Then I got a hold of the Auto SHOCKER and decided to give it try since it was so affordable...the instructions were easy...the whole process was simple. When all was said and done, my car no longer smelled of smoke. It smelled like a cleaning product, like my wife had just cleaned the kitchen. It was miraculous!

Now I feel safer to put my kids in the car. It is the best and most cost effective solution I have ever seen for removing unwanted odors from vehicles.

I have already told everyone I know about the auto Shocker because it really works."

Thanks for everything.

ART NORMAN | Marketing Manager Manheim Auto Auctions California | CADE

Auto Shocker is Different Than Any Other Deodorizing Product -- It Chemically removes Cigarette Smoke Odor , Leaving Your Car Fresh and Clean. Really Clean.


That Stinky Smoke Smell is a Serious Risk to You and Your Family.

That smoke odor that you smell in your car is from what scientists now call "Thirdhand Smoke", the tarry, smelly residue left behind after a smoker has been in the car. It is BAD STUFF:

"Thirdhand smoke" is the term given to the residual of tobacco smoke contamination that settles into the environment and stays there even after a cigarette has been extinguished.

The chemical particles resulting from the burning of tobacco, including tar and nicotine, linger on clothes, hair, upholstery, drapes etc., long after the smoke has cleared from the air.

These particles are formed from more than 200 poisonous gases, many of which are cancer causing, such as cyanide, ammonia, arsenic, and polonium-210 (which is radioactive.) These chemicals are deposited on surface areas and over time can be released back into the air." 


Auto Shocker FamilyKeeping your family safe

Our Auto SHOCKER Quick Release attacks Thirdhand Smoke (3HS), permanently eliminating the odors. Most of our competitors merely mask (with perfumes) or encapsulate (with waxes) the 3HS, which means that they are still active. Adding a perfume to the nasty 3HS odors doesn't make them less go away -- it just makes you less aware of the smell!


"I tried all kinds of supposed sure things only to find my new used Audi still smelled like perfume over cigarettes. in searching for a solution.... i came upon your Auto SHOCKER and used it yesterday. today my car is smell free and feels like i could eat off the seats! this is just too cool! i will be recommending your products to others for sure...thanks for your fast and friendly communications and thanks for a great product.

blessings* cheryl

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 How Does It Work? ClO2 - Strong, but Friendly.

Our Auto SHOCKER uses a high-tech deodorizing chemical (Chlorine Dioxide) and delivers it safely to neutralize and eliminate even the worst odors in your car. Car detailers love it, and we're seeing more and more rental companies use it as well. It is so simple to use and so effective you won't believe it!


Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a potent odor eliminator that literally uses oxygen to break up the odor. Chances are that you've used oxygen before: "Oxy-Clean" is an example of oxygen use that cleans.

Unlike most other chemical deodorizers, Chlorine Dioxide degrades very quickly into to simple salts and water (often within hours and in direct sunlight within seconds). Under the best conditions, it is unlikely to last even a few days. As a product, it has no shelf life. That means that you can't just buy some ClO2 in a bottle. And for that reason has never really been available to consumers.


Some manufacturers sell what they call "Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide" -- this is not the same. All of our products generate "Active" ClO2, which is more effective. We use proprietary technologies and formulations to "generate" the ClO2 right when you need it.


Our Room SHOCKER Quick Release Deodorizer Removes Thirdhand Cigarette Smoke from Your Home, Apartments, Rental Units and Hotels/Motels!

And did we mention that ClO2 degrades quickly? In direct sunlight very quickly – in a matter of seconds. Even without sunlight it typically only lasts hours when exposed to normal air. Once you’re done using our highly effective deodorizers, they are gone for good.


"I bought a pre-owned 2006 BMW X3 and the salesman told me it had been detailed and given a leather treatment, so I ignored the strong perfumed and funky smell. On the way home, the perfumes wore off, and I began to smell stale cigarette smoke. I sniffed the sun visor and just about gagged. When I got home, I called the dealer who apologized. They promised to make it right.

I told them I was going to try two things -- (1) an ozone shock treatment and (2) your product, Auto SHOCKER. If I couldn't get rid of the smell, I was going to return the car. I didn't want to return the car, though, because I'd searched months for this particular car -- it was my dream car!

I did THREE ozone shock treatments and still smelled the smoke. I did ONE Auto SHOCKER for 24 hours and the smoke smell is all gone -- as well as the funky smelling carpeting and other stale, weird smells. The car smells great.

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Our Auto SHOCKER Eliminates Other Car Odors Too

  • Old Musty Car Smell. Humid climates, open windows during rainstorms, flooding and large spills can all create a climate in your car that incubates musty stale odors and other organic odors. Our Auto Shocker permanently eliminates these odors.
  • Family and Pet Smells. Your family and your pets also add odors to your car. Spilled drinks, food, vomit, and other noxious compounds can lodge in your carpet and floorboards and make your car smell terrible. No other product can truly remove these and the wide range of other odors that Auto SHOCKER can. 
  • Skunk Odor. There is no mistaking the smell of a skunk – PUTRID, RANCID, FOUL - the most powerful, lingering smell you will ever experience. Hopefully you never have that smell in your car. If you do, Auto Shocker again will save you.


You probably have a fire extinguisher in your house, why not add a skunk odor extinguisher as well? Be prepared for next time a Skunk strikes with our Skunk 911 Home Kit and Skunk 911 Rescue Kit.

"I recently used an autoSHOCKER and it worked fantastically to remove a horrible rotten milk smell… I figure your $24 product saved me $20,000 in not having to buy my wife a new car!"


New Car Smell is Bad for You Too!

That smell that signifies a brand, new car is pretty dangerous as well. The adhesives, vinyl, and plastic materials found in new cars may emit toxic chemical gases, known as Volatile Organic Checmicals (VOCs), recent research reports. And guess what? Yes, auto SHOCKER attacks VOCs as well, breaking them down, oxidizing them.

Remember, we have a Money Back Guarantee. Our Auto Shocker. Products Work and We stand Behind Them!


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