Car Odor Eliminator for Car Dealerships

Did you just buy a used car and find the smell of your leather seats nauseating? Have you recently had someone smoke in your car and now it smells like an ashtray? Has your pet made a mess in your car again or does it smell like a juicy hamburger (thanks to the recent drive-thru meal you had)? Are you looking for new ways to improve your vehicle’s resale value? Are you used car dealership looking to remove bad odor from your cars?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Biocide Systems has the perfect odor removing solution for you!

By combining high-quality chloride dioxide with a blend of natural ingredients, we have created an all-in-one car odor eliminator for your vehicle, called the “Auto Shocker”.

Unlike regular air fresheners and odor removers, the Auto Shocker does not mask odors. It identifies and traces all odor molecules to their core and completely neutralizes them. This provides lasting relief and a breath of fresh and mildly fragranced air for your car. 

The odor removing solution is effective against a wide array of smells and odors including, but not limited to, the following:

Auto Shocker removes all stubborn and persistent odors from your vehicle in two stages. In the first stage, the product breaks down into a saline eco-friendly solution that is readily absorbed by your car interiors, without damaging or deteriorating them.

During the second stage, the saline solution identifies tracks and eliminates all odor molecules from their point of origination. The solution then releases allergen-free scent molecules that are mild and do not cause any irritation to you and your passengers.

Like all our products, the Auto Shocker comes with a money-back guarantee. If you have used the product as per the instructions and the odor persists in your car, then let us know. We’ll issue a full refund.*

Bundle Package

Biocide Systems is offering a bundle package for Auto Shocker. This “Auto Shocker Case” comprises of 24 individual units of the car odor remover, at a discounted price. For all wholesalers and retailers, we’re offering massive discounts on all bulk purchases.  

With the Auto Shocker Case, you will have enough odor removers to last for more than a year. If you’re considering reselling your car, it’ll be a good idea to remove all interior odors so as to improve the vehicle’s market value and set your own bargain price.

The regular price for 24 units is $598.80. However, if you order online, you can avail the complete Auto Shocker 24-unit kit for only $448.50. Save up on your purchase costs and buy a lasting solution against all car odors today!

To check out the product and place an order, please check out our inventory or feel free to give us a call!


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Auto SHOCKER Quick Release - Case (24 Units)

Auto Shocker Case

(24 units)

Maximum Retail Savings

Contains 24 individual Units
For wholesale and
professional use pricing
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$598.80 $448.50 On Sale!

Product Description

This is an institutional pack for business use. It is priced at a 20% discount to retail. For more information, please see the autoSHOCKER product page.

You may be eligible for an additional 10% discount if you buy through one of our institutional sales reps. Please call (877) RX-BIOCIDE (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time zone) and ask for Sales.autoSHOCKER Quick Release - Case (24 Units)