Your Car Can Smell Like It's Never Been Smoked In

So your car smells like an ashtray? Youv'e tried all the standard odor eliminating products and found that they just don't get the job done. Sure, they mask the cigarette smoke smell for a while, but before you know it, your car smells like smoke again-even if you stopped smoking in it. You don't need so-called odor eliminating products that don't get it done. You need Auto Shocker, the one product that gives you complete car smoke odor removal. Auto Shocker doesn't cover up smoke odor. It destroys it.
You may be skeptical. You may ask, "What does Auto Shocker do that's different from other odor eliminating products?"
Fair enough. Anyone who has tried the standard odor eliminating products for car smoke odor removal is bound to be skeptical.
Here's why you can trust Auto Shocker by Biocide Systems to take care of smoke odor removal when other odor eliminating products have failed: Auto Shocker uses an active ingredient (chlorine dioxide) which naturally bonds with the your odor. Most odors, including smoke smell, are caused by residual organic material. That's why the odors are so hard to get out of your car (and home, for that matter).
Biocide Systems line of products uses chlorine dioxide to permanently eliminate smoke and other odors deep inside porous surfaces where they hide. Your car will be completely odor neutral, leaving it smelling better than new.
Best of all, your car smoke odor removal will cost you less than $25. Are you a pre-owned car dealer, car detailer, or someone else who needs to take care of car smoke odor removal from multiple vehicles? Check out our special bulk discount deals. You'll quickly see the value in Bio-Shocking your entire stock.
Auto Shocker takes care of car smoke odor removal, but that isn't all it does. Auto Shocker will eliminate all organic odors, completely eliminating them from deep within all porous surfaces. Fish odors? Pet odors? Body odor? Skunk Odor? No problem! Biocide Systems Auto Shocker takes care of them all in one quick application.Your Car Can Smell Like It's Never Been Smoked In


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