How to Remove Pet Odors from Apartments

These days, few apartment owners are willing to allow tenants to keep pets. There are obvious reasons for this. The biggest problems with pets are the unpleasant smells they leave behind pet stink can make leasing the apartment to another renter more difficult.
If you know how to remove pet odors, though, you can rent your apartments out faster (and for more money) by appealing to owners who don't want to give up their furry friends. Fortunately, when you Bio-Shock your units, it's easy to get rid of bad pet smells.
No one wants to rent an apartment that has the lingering scent of pet urine even if they have pets themselves. Dog urine and especially cat pee odor have a way of getting deep into fabric and carpeting, leaving a smell that's next to impossible to get rid of. Scrubbing the carpet alone won't do it. You need to Bio-Shock the apartment with Biocide Systems Room Shocker.
Cat pee isn't the only pet odor that apartment owners and managers need to contend with. Anyone who walks into an apartment where dogs lived will notice that familiar dog smell right away- even if the dogs were well house broken. This problem is now easily dealt with using the Biocide products.
Room Shocker takes the guess work out of how to remove pet stenches. One product takes care of all types of pet smells. In addition to dealing with any stench from pets, it will also easily handle cigarette odors, and all sorts of other problematic smells.
The chlorine dioxide in Room Shocker eliminates common pet odors. Your apartments are left completely odor neutral.
Do you want to rent to pet owners (at a higher price, no less) without the fear that the pets lingering aroma will render your units unmarketable? Bio-Shock your apartments between tenants. When you follow the simple instructions regarding how to remove pet odors, your apartments will be left fresh and clean smelling and ready to rent out again.How to Remove Pet Odors from Apartments


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