Cat Pee Odor Removal

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There is nothing quite like the smell of cat urine, it lingers and festers and seems to reinvent itself every couple of weeks to make another assault on your olfactory glands. Unfortunately, the science of cat urine backs up our perception that it is never really gone.

In fact, pet urine has a distinct ability to persevere through vigorous cleaning with conventional methods because as it dries it forms crystals that can become embedded deep into fabrics and even hard yet porous surfaces such as wood and veneer. For true cat pee odor removal, you have to attack both the area of incidence as well as the surrounding area and penetrate to the depth that the crystals are able. 

There are countless products on store shelves that claim to do just that, to penetrate deep in to fibers and eliminate the source of the odor but most products simply mask the odor with perfumes. They may remove the urine if addressed quickly but any liquid or crystals that burrow deep into the carpet or other porous materials will simply be out of reach of most products.

For dog odor removal that is complete and long lasting, you need the power of Chlorine Dioxide, now available for home use through Biocide Systems patented room Shocker delivery system.

The room Shocker uses the powerful yet environmentally friendly power of Chlorine Dioxide to penetrate every surface in a room to completely eliminate odors deep within all porous surfaces where they hide.

Cat pee odor removal has never been easier, simply seal off the room with the offensive odor, activate the room Shocker pouch, and leave the room undisturbed for 24 hours. When you return, the room will be free of pet urine odors but will also not be masked with perfume or the antiseptic smell of chlorine.

Don't waste your money on dog odor removal products that will only clean the surface stain and mask the deeper odors where they will wait until they are released by unsuspecting house guests who steps on the embedded crystals and is engulfed by a wave of noxious odor. Get real cat pee odor removal today at

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