The Patented Technology

Dry Media Chlorine Dioxide otherwise known as dmClo2

The ClO2-DMG™ device combines the utilization of patented technology with a custom made heat-sealing procedure resulting in a selfcontained and hydrating pouch, where the reaction takes place. With ClO2-DMG™ technology, the conversion of sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide is immediate governed by the:

(1) Transport phenomenon of water and/or moisture into the ClO2-DMG™ pouch

(2) Dissolution rate of the ClO2 precursors

(3) Reaction kinetics of ClO2 generation

(4) Controlled released of ClO2 gas or ClO2 in solution.

The design of the ClO2-DMG™ pouch provides a defined physical space having a favorable environment for an efficient conversion of sodium chlorite to chorine dioxide. This conversion results in an economical process for the production of chlorine dioxide with minimum amounts of unreacted species and undesired by-products. Other devices currently available rely on the mixture of unseparated reactants in one device or the mixture of solutions of the reactants. In either case, the conversion and therefore the cost effectiveness is not economically attractive; these methods yield ClO2 with a high level of by-products.

Patents Pending