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Get Rid Of Pet Odor, Cigarette Smoke Odor And Other Unpleasant Smells With The roomSHOCKER
As a landlord, you may find yourself needing to get rid of apartment odors as you plan to move a new tenant in after one moves out. Whether you need to get rid of pet odor, cigarette odor,or any other unpleasant smell, finding a product that is both effective and reasonably priced may seem impossible - until now.
Thanks to the innovative technologies implemented by Biocide Systems, it has never been easier to get rid of apartment odors. That's because the roomSHOCKER utilizes Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2, to remove apartment odors.
Our non-toxic formula is able to deeply penetrate air as well as any porous material in order to completely eliminate odors. Rather than simply masking the odor, you can count on the roomSHOCKER to eliminate apartment odors. In fact, Chlorine Dioxide offers a number of benefits that can't be found with other products. Some of these include:


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It does not form chlorinated organic byproducts because it is structurally different from chlorine and reacts with organic matter in a different way

It is not carcinogenic like other chlorinated organic compounds, such as trihalomethanes (THMs)

When you choose the roomSHOCKER to get rid of apartment odors, you will enjoy all of the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide within a safe, easy-to-use, portable product - and you get it all for less than $25.
Why spend more than necessary on a product that simply masks odors when what you really want to do is to get rid of apartment odors for good?
Buy the roomSHOCKER and get rid of pet odor, smoke odor and other foul smells in just hours, easily and effectively. To learn more, or if you have any questions about the roomSHOCKER or any of our other odor killing products, visit our web site, call us at (877) RX-BIOCIDE, or email us at We can help you ensure your property remains odor free!
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