Get Rid of Smell!

Removing odors from your home, car, boat and mobile home is a true work of art. First, you need to identify the source of the smell. It could be mold, rotten food items or even your pet. Secondly, you need to cleanse your house of all materials that cause the stench. The last, and by far the trickiest, stage involves eliminating the odors.

Every Homeowner’s Challenge

For most homeowners, identifying and removing the source of odors is easy. However, eliminating odors is the difficult part. They use a wide variety of home remedies (baking soda and vinegar) as well as artificial air fresheners to remove the odors.

Air fresheners and home remedies are simply masking agents. They temporarily remove the odor, only for it to come back and strike again. In some cases, air fresheners combine with the odor-causing molecules to create an even more powerful and potent smell (especially in case of chemicals and fuel odors). The resulting smell is toxic and continuous exposure is lethal.

The Biocide Systems Solution

At Biocide Systems, dealing with pesky and persistent odors is our specialty and we have become exceedingly efficient at it. We offer a range of odor removing solutions and remedies that rise above the level of masking agents to eliminate all odors from their core and provide a lasting relief, with a breath of fresh and mildly fragranced air.

What does it offer?

Our odor removers contain a blend of industrial-grade chloride dioxide and natural ingredients. Liquid ClO2 is one of the most effective solutions for removing odors and it commonly used in livestock and chemical industries to eliminate all toxic and non-toxic odors.

How does it work?

Our Room Shocker and Liquid ClO2 Shocker work in a similar manner. Once applied to the surface, they break down into a saline, eco-friendly solution. It then identifies, targets and attacks all odor molecules and breaks them down, while releasing scent molecules. The solution is free from allergens and abrasives and does not damage your interior surface in any way.

Is it effective?

All our patent products are quality-tested at all stages of production. They work against all types of home odors. Be it musty smell, molds, skunk smells, pet urine, cigarette smoke, rotten food, cooking, fuel smell, chemical smell or any other odor - our odor removing products work wonders against all of them. They are ideal for using in your home, car, mobile home and boat.

The Biocide Systems Promise

We take pride in our work and are committed towards helping our clients deal with the most stubborn of all odors. Shopping with Biocide Systems gives you:

-Limitless access to quality-assured odor removers
-Free shipment and delivery services
-Secure payment and transaction method
-Bundle packages, discounts and saving incentives
-100% money back guarantee for unsuccessful results

To check out our collection and to place an order, please feel free to give us a call today!


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