Home & Auto Cleanup Bundle I

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Manufacturer: Biocide Systems
  • Made In The USA
  • Contains 3 Room Shockers™ and 1 Auto Shocker™

  • Ideal for situations when your automobile and more than one room require ClO2 odor elimination treatment.

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Odor Types & How to Eliminate Them with Our ClO2 Bio-Shockers™

How to Eliminate Rotten Food Odors

The smell of rotten food can affect everything from your home or apartment to your car. Get rid of the horrendous stench of perishable foods with Biocide Systems. Few things are more unpleasant to smell than rotten food -- and the worst part... next...

Introducing the Room Shocker™ClO2 Odor Eliminator

There are almost too many possible sources of musty odors to name -- they can come from literally almost anywhere -- especially when it comes to your home. Leaks, mildew, old houses (particularly Victorian-era homes) with mold eating away at... next...