Inhale the sea, not your boat


Is the stench of your boat keeping you from enjoying a deep breath of salty sea air? Instead of fishing, are you thinking about how to get rid of boat odor? It may seem like a trivial problem, but a stinky boat can create less than ideal conditions for the enjoyment of your favorite hobby. No one wants to fish or cruise aboard something that smells of musty and stagnant water, or worse. If you've been noticing an unpleasant odor on your boat and are wondering how to get rid of boat odor, try the following suggestions.
Although it's the last thing you want to check, it's possible the unpleasant odor is coming from your boats sanitation system. Pump out the holding tank and check the vent and sanitation hoses for blockages or damage. You could have blockage that can easily be removed, or some of your sanitation or vent hoses may need to be replaced.
Treat your sanitation system with odor removal products approved for sanitation systems, for extra measure.
Another source of boat odor is the bilge. If you own a boat, you know that this is the compartment where the two sides of the boat meet the keel, designed to collect water and other liquids from the boat. Although there are usually pumps to keep this compartment emptied, it often contains rancid water filled with all manner of runoff from the boat.
It can be difficult to figure out how to get rid of boat odor coming from the bilge, as it is a hard-to-reach area. The best solution is to use bilge cleaning products and other odor removal products to loosen up and rinse out any odor-causing substances from the bilge. After applying the cleaning products, take a boat ride to rinse them around really well.
Don't forget to check the kitchen area of your boat, as well. With the constant motion in a boat, it is easy for food particles to fall behind countertops and other surfaces where they decay and cause odor. Look and clean thoroughly in cupboards and around appliances.
And, because you're on a boat that gets well wet, musty smells can creep in and cause some nasty odors, too. Check out our odor removal products if this is your boat odor problem.
For the freshest boat, free of unpleasant odors, try Biocides Marine Shocker. Simply open the bag to start releasing the unique odor-destroying chlorine dioxide particles. It is also available in a quick release and time-released version to more quickly eliminate odors and keep your boat inviting.