How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell

Cats are fun. Who doesn’t enjoy their soft purrs and constant craving for attention? The internet and social media forums are full of cat videos, cat memes and cat photos. Their obsession with trying to catch a laser pointer gives everyone a good laugh.

However, dealing with cats can be troublesome- especially if you forgot to change their litter box. Cats are clean and if their kitty litter box is full, they’ll make sure you get the memo to change it. They would rather urinate in your rooms, rather than use a dirty litter box.

Removing cat urine odors is one of the most challenging situations you can ever face, especially if you come back home after a long day. The strong stench of urine ruins your quest for peace and solitude and soon you find yourself cursing the poor Fluffy.

At Biocide Systems, we care for your home décor and ambiance and are committed to providing you with the best range of cat urine odor removers at very affordable prices. Our patented ClO2 Liquid Shocker is made from high quality chloride dioxide, with a blend of natural ingredients, to eliminate all odor causing molecules from the core.

This odor removing solution works wonders in eliminating all sorts of smells - including skunk, urine, feces, sweat, saliva and all other odors. It penetrates deep within all hard-to-reach surfaces (such as between the fiber strands in your carpet) and stick firmly to the urine.

The odor remover then breaks down into a saline, biodegradable solution that removes all odor causing molecules, without damaging the surface. It then releases a mild and allergen-free fragrance that provides a breath of fresh air and removes all traces of cat urine odors.

In addition to the ClO2 Liquid Shocker, our Room Shocker is designed to trace all odor molecules in your room. If you’re unsure where your cat has made a mess, simply use our Room Shocker that tracks and eliminates odor-causing molecules from all corners.   

Chloride Dioxide, one of the key components of our odor removers, is widely used in the livestock industry to neutralize the smell of animals, waste odors and all other unpleasant smells. Biocide Systems uses the essence of the compound to create an effective, yet mild, odor remover that is safe for use against a wide array of pet odors.

In addition, we’re offering a money-back guarantee on all our products. Simply use the ClO2 Liquid Shocker or the Room Shocker as per the instructions mentioned on the bottle. 

To learn more about our value-added products and services and place an order, free from shipment and delivery charges, please feel free to contact us!

Biocide Systems gets rid of cat urine smell

How to Get Rid of the Most Stubborn Pet Odors

Pets are great. Their various and sundry odors? Not so much. Have you been frustrated in your attempts to deal with pet odors? You're not alone. The sad fact is that the majority of odor eliminating products on store shelves-even those specifically designed for pet odors- just don't get the job done for stubborn pet odors. So what can you do? Plenty if you have the right tools.

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell

You waited a little too long to get Fluffys fluffies snipped, and now your carpet smells like cat pee. Yuck. Don't expect sympathy from Fluffy, either. He's just trying to spread the love in his own weird little cat way. You need to know how to get rid of cat urine smell, and you need to know how to do it FAST. After all, no one wants to live with that kind of odor.

Here's what you need to do: Order Room Shocker and ClO2 Liquid Shocker by Biocide Systems. These products give you a one-two punch that kills the odor of cat urine at its smallest level-the very molecules which cause the odor. Your home is left free of cat pee smell. Better yet, it also removes the other odors common to cats (and dogs, hamsters, fish, husbands and other smelly critters).

The instructions are easy to follow. The ClO2 Liquid Shocker is used to directly treat the affected areas. Room Shocker is used to eliminate all organic odors in the room.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odor in Carpet

If you've tried to eliminate pet odors before, you know that your toughest challenge is always how to get rid of pet odor in carpet. The fibers in carpeting make perfect hiding places for the organic molecules which are responsible for pet odors. Biocide Systems Room Shocker is perfect for dealing with all manner of pet odors.

The active ingredient in Room Shocker (chlorine dioxide) bonds to the source of pet odors on a deep penetrating level. It doesn't matter what type of pet odor. It could be urine, sweat, or just that old dog smell that manages to get all over everything in your home. All pet odors are organic in nature. Chlorine dioxide will react with any of them, eliminating the smell completely.

The simple instructions will show you how to remove pet odor from carpet in one application.

What Are You Waiting For?

You want to get rid of offensive pet odors but want to keep your pets. We have the answer. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to figure out how to get rid of cat urine smell, how to get rid of pet urine odor in carpet, or just trying to generally figure out how to remove pet odor from carpet. Biocide Systems Room Shocker does it all, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.