Getting Rid of All of Your Pet Odors

You've finally got the puppy potty trained. Now, if you could just replace the carpet, you'd be in good shape. Or maybe you have an outdoor dog that you'd love to spend more time with if the kennel didn't stink to high heaven. Removing pet odors isn't easy if you're trying to use the typical odor removers available at the supermarket or pet supply store. You need Biocide Systems Room Shocker or Liquid Shocker.
Getting Rid of Pet Urine Smells in Your Home
Urine smell is one of the toughest to get rid of. Most commercially available products do more to mask the smell than to eliminate it. If you want to get rid of pet urine odor, your best bet it to use Biocide Systems Room Shocker.
Room Shocker is easy to use. Simply follow the instructions, and leave Room Shocker to do what it does best. Not only will it take care of removing pet odors, but it will also knock out cigarette and other organic odors.
Removing Pet Stench from Carpet
Removing pet odors from carpet and furniture is harder than dealing with them on any other surface. The pet odors tend to settle in deep into the fibers of carpet and upholstery.
The reason Biocide Systems products work so effectively for removing pet smells from carpet is that they attack the odor on a deep penetrating level going deep into any porous surface. The active ingredient has no problem penetrating into all of the same places the odors hide out. Removing pet stink has never been easier-even in the carpet and upholstery.
How to Get Rid of Kennel Odor
Just because the kennel is outside does't mean you want it to smell. Smelly kennels can cause problems with neighbors. Even if your nearest neighbor is too far away to care, chances are you don't want to live with a smelly kennel, either. If you know how to get rid of kennel odor with Biocide Systems Liquid Shocker, you don't have to live with pet odor-even in your kennel area.
Extra Bonus: It's Environmentally Friendly!
Todays pet owners want to eliminate pet smells, but don't want to use harsh chemicals that harm the environment. They especially don't want to use bleach or other chemicals which could be harmful to their pets. Room Shocker, Liquid Shocker, and the rest of Biocide Systems odor elimination products are environmentally friendly. The odors are eliminated without releasing any harmful chemicals into the environment.