How To Get Rid of Pet Odor in Carpets Permanently
Whether you're a pet owner, a pet groomer, an apartment manager, or a home owner, you've probably encountered problems with removing pet odors from carpet. It might be urine odor or just the general animal smell that you're having a hard time eliminating.
Carpet cleaning may remove dirt from the carpet but it's not the ideal solution to remove pet odor from carpet. Odors are made up of molecules and to eliminate them, you need to break up the molecules. Many cleaners don't do this. However, Biocide Systems products use Chlorine Dioxide to do exactly that. The CI02 breaks up the odor molecules so that the odors can no longer exist. This technology works safely and effectively on any surface, in carpets, on furniture, and anywhere else that odors might live using oxidation.
If you've been scouring your local stores and the internet trying to figure out how to remove pet odor from carpet, your journey ends here. Room Shocker, along with our other products (we have products for vehicles, RVs, skunk odor, pet urine and more), quickly eliminates odor and brings your space back to its odorless state. And it's actually much easier than carpet cleaning or the plethora of other solutions you've probably tried. You simply activate the solution and go. No more spending hours scrubbing, spraying, and scrubbing some more.
Whether it's your home you need to remove pet odors from, or whether you're a professional in the business of managing properties, or a kennel or pet grooming professional, Biocide Systems has a full line of products at your disposal for eliminating odors quickly, safely, and effectively anywhere, anytime. Buy just enough to solve your current odor problems or stock up and be prepared the next time odors come creeping around. We offer great bundle deals and we stand by our products with a money back guarantee. No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to get rid of pet odor in carpet, now the only thing to do is to get rid of it!