When It's Time To Head Out In Your Vehicle, Get The Smell Out Of It First!

It's about the journey not the destination, right? Well hopefully that's true, but if your RV or boat has a bad odor, then you're not going to be enjoying the journey for very long. Bad odors can build up in RVs and boats very easily. Boats can start to smell like the water that they came from, or from the fish that they stored, and RVs can sometimes develop unpleasant cooking odors, musty smells, or just a combination of smells from people living in them over time.

Whatever the reason for the bad smell, if you're about to head out on a trip, you're definitely going to want to remove the odor in your vehicle first.

Removing RV odor can be done in a few different forms, depending on what is causing the smell. Cracking a window may be all that's needed to remove a musty smell from sitting over a long winter. Or, a good cleaning may be all that's needed to remove a musty odor. If the bad smell is from a combination of different cooking odors, then there other remedies that might want to remove RV odor. Things like boiling water mixed with vinegar on the stovetop, cleaning with lemon juice, or leaving out bowls of baking soda have all been known to combat RV odor.

Boats that are used for fishing are also very well-known for carrying around an unpleasant fish odor with them. Some of the same tricks for removing RV odor may also work for removing boat odor, but cleaning a boat can also present unique challenges, because boats are constantly under harsh elements and therefore, constantly need to be cleaned.

We know that when you're about to head out on a big trip, you're too excited to worry about removing the odors in your vehicle. And, that's certainly one less headache you need when you're trying to plan your itinerary. For your next trip, make sure that you bring along our RV Shocker or our Marine Shocker. Both of these products use chlorine dioxide to clean the air, make it smell better, and make it easier to breathe. So all you have to worry about when you're planning your next trip, is what site you're going to see first!