How Our Odor Removal Products Work

Now, thanks to Chlorine Dioxide and its patented ClO2-DMG ™ safe and efficient delivery system, Chlorine Dioxide can be packaged in an inexpensive easy to use small disposable, portable device. This allows Chlorine Dioxide to become economically, easily, readily and safely available directly into homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, public transportation and any other public or private facilities where the threat odors or VOC may be.

As a reactive gas, chlorine dioxide cannot be transported in rail cars or cylinders, so its vast potential has gone largely untapped in the industries that need it most. Until now.

One of the major advantages in using ClO2 is that it does not form chlorinated organic byproducts. ClO2 is structurally different than chlorine and reacts with odors through different pathways. Chlorine chlorinates organic matter, forming chlorinated byproducts. Many chlorinated organic compounds have been found to be carcinogenic, such as trihalomethanes (THMs). Thus, deodorization with ClO2 does not result in carcinogenic chlorinated byproducts. - See more at: