How To Prevent Kennel Odor In A Commercial Kennel

Running a commercial kennel can be a real joy; those happy faces and wagging tails every day definitely make for some great coworkers! But there are definitely some downsides to the job, and kennel odor is probably one of the biggest ones there is. You may have already tried several ways to get rid of pet urine odor and other kennel odors, but it's such a big job! Even after you get rid of it once, there will always be boarded dogs and so the odor will always come back. But if you prevent it from occurring, you wonÂ't ever need to worry about how to get rid of kennel odor.
First, make sure that any dog you allow in your kennel is healthy. Even dogs with the smallest infections can have bowel and urinary tract infections that won't only cause pet urine odor to build up in your kennel, but can also cause other dogs in your kennel to become sick with the same illness. Making sure that only healthy dogs enter your kennel is a sure way to prevent kennel odor.
Of course, cleaning the individual dog kennels is a must when you're trying to prevent kennel odor. Of course, this should always be done as soon as a dog soils their kennel but there's also a lot of dirt and soil that can build up in dog kennels, even though you can't see it. Cleaning the kennels regularly will make sure that pet urine odor and other kennel odors never build up in any dog's kennel.
The ultimate way to prevent kennel odor is to invest in a great ventilation system that's equipped with a HEPA filter. These filters will not only eliminate odors that are in the air, but they will also actually clean the air, which is very important when there's pet dander and pet hair flying around. It's important to understand though that while a HEPA filter will eliminate odor in a big picture sense, it will not be effective against one-time odors, or strong odors that need to be eliminated very quickly.
Stop worrying about how to get rid of kennel odor, and start preventing it from ever getting into your kennel in the first place. These few tricks will go a long way to giving you a clean and fresh-smelling kennel that will make you, your staff, and all those furry little friends very happy!
Sometimes though, there's just that kennel odor that will not go away. Dogs are unpredictable after all, and so are their messes. When that time comes, use our CLO2 Liquid Shocker or contact us. We'll point you to any one of our odor eliminators that will get even the most stubborn odors out of your kennel for good!
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