Liquid Shocker Case (24 units)

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Odor Types & How to Eliminate Them with Our ClO2 Bio-Shockers™

Eliminating Odors in Restaurants and Bars

The same principle that results in every house having its own distinct smell is multiplied by a factor of 100 when it comes to restaurants, where food is cooked constantly on a daily basis. (Just think about how McDonald’s has a distinctly... next...

How to Eliminate Truck Odors in Both Big Rigs and Containers*

Big rigs are often a home on the road for truckers throughout most of the year. But it is hardly healthy to breathe the same air all day, every day especially when smells from various sources accumulate in such a living space. Not only do... next...

How to Throw Boat Odors Overboard

It's no surprise that venturing out to the sea comes with a set of smells that aren’t always pleasant. Biocide Systems can help you get rid of the lingering smells that infiltrate your boat storage area or the inside your cabin. It’s insane... next...