Marine Shocker from Biocide Systems

Having a mid-sea odor crisis? Did one of your loved ones get sea sick and can’t stop throwing up? Is the toilet clogged up? Getting dizzy from the smell of fish? Simply call Biocide Systems - your 911 hotline for odor removing solutions!

Our powerful and patented Marine Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminator identifies & tracks and removes all odor-causing molecules from even the most remote corners of your boat. The solution is effective for a single boat with a cabin space of up to 400 sq ft.

Unlike traditional air fresheners, Marine Shocker is not a masking agent. It is an all-in-one odor remover against a wide variety of smells. These include, but are not limited to: fish odors, chemical and fume odors arising from the engine motors, drainage pipe odors, pet odors, cigarette smoke odors, gas odors and any other funky smell that may arise on your boat.

Marine Shocker is mildly fragranced. It does not produce any excessively strong scents that may lead to dizziness or allergic reactions. The odor remover breaks up into a saline solution that traces odors to their core and dissolves them. The solution is then easily absorbed on to the surface it is applied to, without damaging or deteriorating it.

Another important feature of the Marine Shocker is its rapid dispersion action. Whether you opt for the solution or Quick Release spray, the odor remover reacts with the surface and the surrounding environment and disintegrates to eliminate all odor molecules and provide a breath of fresh air.

With the Marine Shocker, you need not worry about spring cleaning your boat or tucking it away in your garage after the fishing trip is over. Simply place the Marine Shocker in the location you want and the odor remover will disperse in all nooks and corners of your boat. Close all doors and windows and after 24 hours, open the doors and windows and air the boat, before setting it into the sea or locking it away. This keeps it fresh and fragranced for a long period of time.

As always, Biocide Systems offers massive discounts on all bulk purchases. The Marine Shocker is priced at only $24.95 per bottle. If you order in bulk, you can avail multiple odor removers at a much discounted price. This allows you to save up on your purchase costs. In addition, we offer free shipment and delivery to your doorstep on all orders exceeding a certain limit.

To learn more about our product, how it works and what it offers, our bundle offers or free shipment service, please call us today!


Marine Shocker helps remove boat odor completely

Marine Shocker ClO2 Odor Eliminator

Marine Shocker
ClO2 Odor

Quick Release Vapor
Good for one boat cabin up to
400 sq/ft. 

Eliminates severe odors
permanently, not a masking agent

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