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Our odor eliminator products use revolutionary new CLO2DMG Technology™ technology that facilitates the use of Chlorine Dioxide, one of the strongest yet safest industrial quality odor removal chemicals known. It will safely and easily eliminate any severe odor including cigarette odor and cigar smokeskunk odorpet urine odorvomit odorsoured milk odormusty stale odors, etc.

The world's best patented portable Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Generator!

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At last clean air in your home!

Easy to use, just follow the simple directions and let it work on its own.  Say goodbye to bad odors in your home or car!

100% guaranteed or your money back!

Safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Auto Shocker / Room Shocker / RV Shocker / Marine Shocker / Liquid Shocker

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