Different Types of Odor Smoke

Whether you’re going on a long drive with your family or friends, on a cross-country adventure in your mobile home or simply staying on your couch to watch your favorite game on a Friday night, your home and car are always susceptible to a wide range of smells.

The most painful and persistent of all odors in your home is that of smoke. Such odors can arise from anywhere- cigarette smells, charcoal grill, fireplace or even your kitchen. Removing smoke odors requires a detailed plan of action, which includes identifying the source of smoke odors and removing the odor from its core.

At Biocide Systems, we are your 911 hotline for any odor-related emergency. Our patent odor removing solutions are made from a combination of natural ingredients and industrial-grade chloride dioxide. It identifies and tracks all smoke molecules and completely eliminates the odors to provide lasting relief.

Chloride dioxide is one of the most powerful and potent odor removers with widespread industrial applications. It is used in removing toxic fumes and odors from hazardous industries. This includes petroleum smoke odors, chemical smoke odors and paraffin odors.

By mixing ClO2 with eco-friendly ingredients, we have created a product that removes all smoke odors from your home, car and RV without causing any allergic reactions. Upon release, the solution disintegrates into a saline liquid which is rapidly absorbed into any porous surface.

Unlike industrial odor removers, our home remedy is free from abrasive materials. The resulting saline solution can easily be absorbed into any surface without damaging it. If you want to remove cigarette smoke odors from your car without damaging the fine leather interiors, then our odor remover is best suited for you.

The mild and gentle odor remover works against a wide range of smoke odors. These include cigarette smoke, food cooking smoke, fire smoke, petroleum and fuel burning smoke, burnt iron smoke, electrical wire burning smoke and all others.

We have a range of smoke odor removers for all your needs. This includes our patent:

ü  Room Shocker: to remove smoke smell from your home and rooms

ü  Auto Shocker: to eliminate all smoke odors from your car and RVs

ü  Liquid ClO2: to neutralize all smoke odors from your boat and yacht

In addition, we’re offering a 100% refund on all non-performing products. Simply place an order with us and have your product delivered to your doorstep, free of shipment charges (for orders exceeding $100).

Use the product as per the instructions mentioned on the bottle. If the smoke odors persist, let us know. We’ll send over our team members for an inspection. If the issue still remains unresolved, we will give you your entire money back (including any shipment charges).

To learn more about our smoke odor removing products and how they work and to place an order, please feel free to contact us.