Get Rid of Old House Smell Today!

With the passage of time, your home becomes prone to wear and tear. The wooden floor and roof starts to rot, giving off odors. The walls become damp and start to leak. Even your heating and ventilation systems become susceptible to frequent odors. Pet droppings and skunk smells add more to your worries. Water seepage due to broken down pipes lead to toxic molds as well.

Old houses and elderly care homes and shelters are the most susceptible to such odors. Continuous exposure to the musty odors can have a detrimental impact on the health of the elderly.

Relying on regular air fresheners is not the best option. They only subdue the odors, temporarily, only for them to return later. Removing old house smells require a drastic plan of action to eliminate odors from their core.

At Biocide Systems, we have perfected the art of removing stubborn old home odors. Our patent Room Shocker odor removing solution is made from industrial quality chlorine dioxide- which rapidly disperses throughout your home and removes odor molecules from the core.

How it Works?

The Room Shocker odor remover eliminates all odors from your home. When applied, it disintegrates into a saline solution that is easily absorbed through any porous surface. The solution identifies and tracks all odor molecules and neutralizes their effect. The end result is a mildly fragranced aura for your home with no sign of odors.

What are the Benefits?

Biocide Systems patent solution works wonders in removing a wide variety of smells. From toxic molds to skunk smells and all other pesky and persistent odors, you only need a few pints of this effective solution.

The odor remover also contains a blend of natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Room Shocker is also made from allergen-free materials. This makes it perfectly safe for use in old homes. Whether you’re living with pets or managing an elderly care home, the mild and gentle effect of the Room Shocker will keep the residents safe from allergic reactions.

In addition, we’re offering a money back guarantee on all our products. Place an order for our Room Shocker today and use the product as per the instructions mentioned on the bottle. If the odors persist, just give us a call. We’ll have it checked and issue a full refund.

Tips to Maintain an Old Home

Most of the homeowners frequently search up on how to keep their old homes clean and odor-free. We have prepared a 5 point summary on maintaining old homes, as under:

- Routinely clean all heating and air conditioning vents

- Fix all roof, wall and gutter leakages and leaky pipes on a regular basis

- Use baking soda to remove mild dampness from all surfaces

- Plug in a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture

- Replace worn out carpets or wash them with shampoo for dehumidification

To learn more about our amazing product and simple tips and tricks to keep old homes free from odors, please feel free to contact us!


Remove that old smell from your home!


Eliminating "This Old House" Smell

Remember the smell when you visited your grandma's old house? If there was a candle scented old house smell, youd better believe no one would buy it, and you certainly don't want your house, no matter how old it is, to smell like that.

Plenty of people live in old houses, valued for their unique beauty in this modern era. But if they aren't kept up properly, old houses can suffer from the smells of rotting wood, dampness, pet odors, and more.

There are many ways to remove old house odor, mostly depending on the source of the odor.

Heating and air conditioning vents in an old house can be a source of odors if they haven't been cleaned out in a while. It's a good idea to get them routinely cleaned, anyway, as they are a source of dust and other allergens.

Moisture in wood due to aging or unfixed leaks leaves that damp smell associated with old houses, and can also cause basement odor, especially noticeable in the fall and spring. Use baking soda to remove mild dampness from all surfaces, and plug in a dehumidifier to suck excess moisture out of the air during more humid times of year.

Of course it is also a good idea to repair roof leaks and leaky pipes, a source of moisture-related odors, to avoid continued problems. Leak damage is hard to fix, and may require the removal of damaged wood and insulation.

Old carpet is a harbinger of bad things, including smoke smell, pet odors, etc. If you don't want to rip it up, try shampooing it thoroughly, but be sure it gets dried out completely.

The basement of a house, and basement odor, is often the biggest source of old house smells. Sealing off any leaks and utilizing moisture-reducing insulation for your pipes and walls may help remove old house odor.

Even the walls of your old house may be holding in bad smells, such as cigarette smoke. Sometimes a good scrub will do the job, but sometimes it won't. Removing old wallpaper and re-painting walls and other surfaces is a great way to eliminate these smells as well as improve its appearance.

Whatever your old house smell, Biocide Systems has a solution with Room Shocker. It's unique chlorine dioxide formula is highly effectiveat both the industrial and consumer level, while remaining safe for the environment. It doesn't just mask odors, like many products; it eliminates odor-causing particles for good. Try it today, with a money-back guarantee.