Pet Odor Eliminator

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Dog, cat, and other pet owners often find the need to eliminate odors. Biocide Systems offers a dog odor eliminator that is guaranteed to get rid of unpleasant smells. Our products use chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which oxidizes odor molecules. This means it removes electrons from them using oxygen, breaking up odors without using harmful chemicals. In fact, ClO2 is so safe it is used to treat poultry and fish during the packing process. After use, it quickly breaks down to salt water, so there is no impact on the environment.

Effectively Removes All Pet Odors

Bio-Shocker™ from Biocide Systems™ is the best pet odor eliminator for getting rid of urine odors as well as musty smells you may notice on your pet’s bed. It is also strong enough to eliminate skunk odors should your pet be unfortunate enough to encounter wildlife. A non-toxic vapor reaches every surface and penetrates any porous material. Whether used at home, at a kennel, or by a dog breeder or trainer, our pet odor remover works every time.

Our odor eliminator does not mask smells. The positive charge of ClO2 attracts it to negatively charged odor particles, making it so effective only one treatment is needed to eliminate odors. Although it emits a chlorine smell initially, the product does not leave behind any residual odors or residue.

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Our odor eliminating products are available in single containers and bundles from our online store. To learn more about our dog odor eliminator and other products, browse the articles below or call us at 877-792-4624.

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