Smoke Odor Eliminator

man holding a ciggarette outside of car window


The smell of smoke in a car, home, or hotel room can persist and be highly unpleasant. Bio-Shocker™ from Biocide Systems™ is a potent smoke eliminator with the odor-eliminating properties of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), an oxidizing gas that strips reactive odor molecules of their electrons. Odor molecules are eliminated by ClO2 so bad odors are gone forever.


Fast and Permanent Smoke Smell Removal

Bio-Shocker eliminates the smell of any kind of smoke. It is 100% effective in removing a cigarette odor or smoke smells left behind from cooking, car/truck/boat problems, an electrical malfunction, or fire (the source of these issues must be addressed as well, as our product only eliminates bad odors). Odor-causing particles are an easy target for our smoke odor eliminator because of its opposite charge, which draws it to smoke molecules like a magnet.

No chemicals are used, so it’s safe for use around family and pets. It won’t leave behind any smell or residue of its own. Our smoke odor remover can be used in a home, apartment building, hotel, school, restaurant, restroom, healthcare facility, warehouse, or commercial building.


Order Your Smoke Odor Eliminator Today

If air purifiers, air fresheners, or home-made solutions haven’t done the trick, try an odor eliminator from Biocide Systems that will leave the room smelling fresh and smoke-free. Our odor eliminators can be purchased at select locations or on our website. For assistance, call us at 877-792-4624.

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