Safe Pet Odor Removal

You want your home to be a safe environment for your pets, and your children, but you also do not want to live with pet urine odors. Are there pet urine odor removal products that can satisfy both needs?
Department store shelves and infomercial time slots are filled with products that claim to be effective at pet urine odor removal. Some of these products may, in fact, be effective at removing pet urine stains or masking pet urine odors but very few can actually permanently eliminate pet urine odors. Many carpet freshening products simply add a perfume to the layers of smells in your home, a layer that will wear off fairly quickly. Others will take care of the noticeable stain but do nothing to address the pet urine that has been absorbed in the deepest layers of the carpet or other surfaces. Pet urine odor removal is tough and very few products are up to the job.
Sadly, often when you do find an effective pet odor removal product it contains chemicals that can be harmful to you, your children, your pets and the environment. You have to be vigilant and ensure that your children and your pets do not ingest or inhale the chemicals or in some cases even come in contact with the chemicals. Inevitably, the chemicals in most pet urine odor removal products will reach a water supply, through a kitchen drain, washing machine drain, or a bucket of cleaning solution thrown into the yard. While the levels may not affect humans, or even your pets, the buildup can damage the wildlife that live in the creeks and water channels in your neighborhood. Important plants, fish, or amphibious creatures can be directly affected by pollution of water sources. Is that work getting rid of pet urine odors in your home?
There are very few products that are both effective at eliminating pet urine odors and are environmentally safe. In the past, there was not a good delivery system for the products that did meet those criteria; they were not easily transportable or stable enough for home use. Thankfully, that has changed with advances in chlorine dioxide delivery systems. You can now use the power of chlorine dioxide to safely and effectively rid your home of pet urine odorsforever, or at least until the next accident.
Using chlorine dioxide for pet urine odor removal allows you to eliminate the stain itself as well as the embedded crystals that pet urine often forms and any odor-causing ions that may have been absorbed into other surfaces in the room. No longer will guests stir up pet urine odors when relaxing on your couch or walking to the buffet table, the chlorine dioxide cleaning agent will have ionized the odors into oblivion.
Not only that, but chlorine dioxide is perfectly safe for the environment and leaves behind no chemical that must be disposed of. The chlorine dioxide gas is eventually reduced to chloride ions which are cleanly absorbed into the atmosphere. It is a true win-win situation, your home is free of pet urine odors and the environment around you is left undamaged.
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