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Whether you own a pet or are running a kennel or any other animal shelter, dealing with pet odors is one of the most challenging and draining tasks. It requires you to carefully scrub off the animal waste and removing all pet odors from their core. And therein lays the biggest challenge: finding a solution that will eliminate all odors once and for all and prevent them from arising.

Biocide Systems offers a range of eco-friendly products for removing pet odors. Our patent products are made from chloride dioxide. It is the most widely used compound by all poultry processing plants to remove the most stubborn of all pet odors. Here’s how it works:

Not Just a Masking Agent

Biocide Systems products are not just ordinary masking agent. They are complete odor removing solutions that track and trace all pet odors and remove them from their core. This makes them effective against a wide array of skunk smells, pet skin and fur smells, waste smells and any other fluid smells (e.g. saliva).

Gentle Action

After its application, our odor removers dissolve into a saline solution. The resulting product is harmless and eco-friendly. It easily reaches through all porous surfaces to trace down the source of odors. The solution is mild and gentle and can be applied on all surfaces, without resulting in any allergic reaction for the pet or the owner.

Odor Removers for all Problems

At Biocide Systems, we believe in odor removers, not only for pet odors but also for the different rooms and places where they occur. Our odor removing solutions include:

Room Shocker: One of our most successful lines of odor removers, the Room Shocker is effective against removing pet urine odors from your home and carpets. Abrasive-free and eco-friendly, the roomSHOCKER can be safely used. Avanflex Liquid ClO2 is another alternative

Auto Shocker: Potent, effective and mild; the Auto Shocker removes pet waste, dead animal and skunk smells from your car and RV. It eliminates all odor causing molecules and provides a breath of fresh air for you and your passengers 

Liquid Shocker ClO2: Bringing the benefits of industrial-grade chloride dioxide, the Liquid Shocker ClO2 remover works wonders in removing the toughest of all pet odors from a kennel, animal shelter or any other professional organization that deals in pets and animals.

Money Back Guarantee

At Biocide Systems, we take pride in our work and strive to ensure that all our products offer quality and lasting relief. We provide a 100% money back guarantee on all our pet odor removers. Simply buy from us and use the product as per the instructions mentioned on the label. If it doesn’t work and the smell remains, let us know. We’ll give you your money back!

We’re offering massive discounts and savings on all our products. You can purchase "Biocide Systems Bundle Packs" from us and save hundreds of dollars. Place an order above $100 and enjoy free of cost shipment and delivery to your doorstep. 

To learn more on Biocide Systems effective and efficient odor removers, please feel free to contact us today!

Liquid Shocker and Room Shocker for pet odor removal solution 


Get Rid of Pet Odor with Our Pet Odor Solutions

Dealing with pet odors in your home, car or place of business is never fun and can be embarrassing, not to mention hazarded to your health.

Biocide Systems has the right solution for each type of pet odor problem you may have. Whether you are a Pet Boarding business suffering from kennel odors caused by animal urine and feces smell, a Pet Groomer dealing with smelly fur odor, apartment managers removing cat urine smell and other pet odors, or just an animal lover dealing with a skunk sprayed dog. We have a Guaranteed money back odor solution that will restore your odor free environment not to mention your sanity.

Pet odors can come from different elements that require different type of treatments and can be very difficult to get rid of. As you may or may not already know, most pet odor removing products are not very effective, they either mask the odor temporarily or only make's it a little better. Our line of products are the most effective odor eliminating products due to our patented Chlorine Dioxide disposable delivery system. It's so powerful it's currently used professionally by poultry processing plants amongst many other industries to keep odors and disease away. No other product can deliver the safe but effective super power of severe odor eliminating Chlorine Dioxide.
We are so confident that you will be more than satisfied that we offer a Money back guarantee!
Below are recommendations and links for which product to use in a specific scenarios.

General Pet Odors In Your Home: If you simply have that lingering musty pet odor in you home because you have pets or the previous occupants of you home had pets. Then you need roomShocker , our roomShocker product will permanently eliminate all odors from your home. The Chlorine Dioxide vapor it releases, penetrates all porous surface's, be it fabric, wood or concrete. In doing so it eliminates all odor sources embedded deeply in your home. If your carpet or furniture are particularly saturated with pet odors, then you may need to use in addition to roomShocker, our Avanflex Liquid ClO2 product, which produces a liquid Chlorine Dioxide Solution that can be use to either saturate an affected spot or wipe down furniture. Please remember to do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it won't fade the material. While we have never had a problem with this, it is impossible to account for the thousands of materials in existences out there.

Pet Urine Odors: For pet urine odors, you will probably need a combination of roomShocker and Avanflex Liquid ClO2, please follow this link to our urine solutions page for detailed instructions on how to deal with any type of pet urine or pet spray problem you may have, and don't forget to check our bundle specials for great savings!

Pet Odors In Your Car: All pet owners, at some point in time, have experienced some type of pet odor problem in our Cars, RV's or boats. Whether it was from a trip to the Vet where motion sickness or just the plain excitement of a car ride caused your pet to have an accident or occasionally that cat, possum or raccoon that decided to jump in through a window or sun roof you forgot to close and spend the night in your car. Whatever the circumstances are, all you need to use is our autoSHOCKER or rvShocker to permanently eliminate all odor problems in your car, be it from pets, cigarettes or musty stale odors in your vents. Please click on this link to learn more about autoSHOCKER, and don't forget to check our bundle specials for great savings!

Professional Pet Odor Solutions: For you Pet Groomers and Kennel Owners and other dog professionals, we are your one stop solution for all odor problems, but especially for making sure you keep all your pets healthy & safe. For general one time deodorization and decontamination, you can use our roomShocker for a one time "shock" of the area in questions. However since you will continue to have pets on your premises, we recommend the use of our 30 day Time-Release roomShocker products to help keep unwanted odors in check. You can use Avanflex to spray down pet cages and kennels as well as the floors and walls of the areas where pets are kept as a preventive measure, and to spray down the pets themselves, you can use our doggiCLEEN spray.
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