Pet Urine Odor Removal Made Easy

Dealing with the dreaded smell and sight of pet urine is a nightmare all pet owners go through. Whether you’ve allowed your pet inside your house or are taking it with you on a long road trip in your RV, you must have gone through the painful experience of cleaning up urine and getting rid of the odor.

Removing the urine stain is easy. All you need to do is to simply mop up your floor using a powerful cleaning agent. However, getting rid of that strong ammonia scent that accompanies the odor is a major challenge.

Biocide Systems offers a lasting relief against even the toughest of all urine odors. Our patent Room Shocker solution identifies all odor molecules, attacks them and neutralizes their effect and leaves your car mildly fragranced.

Gentle and free from abrasives; the Room Shocker solution contains chlorine dioxide. The compound is one of the most powerful odor removers and has widespread industrial applications. Once released into the atmosphere, the odor remover breaks down into a saline solution that can easily penetrate into any porous material within your home or RV.

Unlike other odor removing solutions, Room Shocker is not a masking agent. It does not simply conceal pet urine odors, only for them to reappear again. It aims to dissolve and dissipate all odor causing molecules (such as ammonia) and provide a breath of fresh air to your home.

In addition to Room Shocker, Biocide Systems also offers the Liquid Shocker ClO2- another powerful and potent odor remover that helps in eliminating the toughest of all pet urine odors from your home. Since both solutions are free from abrasives, they can safely be used on all your interiors without the fear of discoloring of the surface.

Room Shocker is also laced with a blend of eco-friendly ingredients. The solution can easily be washed down your drain or into your lawn without any fear of damaging the external environment. Furthermore, it is non-allergen and does not cause allergic reactions in both human beings and animals.

At Biocide Systems, we’re offering a wide range of odor removers at affordable prices. We offer massive discounts of up to 30% on all bulk purchases. In addition, we also offer bundle packages for all commercial sellers and distributors. We provide nationwide shipment at reasonable rates for all orders.

If you place an order exceeding $100, we’ll provide free of cost shipment and deliver the product right at your doorstep, without any additional charges. Our online ordering and payment processing system is backed by a secure processor with multiple controls implemented to ensure that confidentiality of data is maintained at all times.

What will happen if our product does not work? We offer 100% refund. If our product does not help remove pet urine odor from your home, your car or your mobile home, let us know. We will issue a full refund in respect of your product.

To check out this amazing product and learn more on how it works or simply to place an order, please feel free to contact us!

Room Shocker and Liquid Shocker are your pet urine odor removal solution!


Pet Odor Removal Made Easy
Chances are that every pet owner has been subjected to the awful smell of pet urination in the home at one time or another. Often, the inappropriate urination is caused by not yet being housebroken or even a medical condition of your cat or dog. Older animals are more apt to leave a deposit of urine inside your home due to aging and the development of infections or arthritis.

Cats are very particular about the condition of their litter box and if it is not cleaned regularly, the cat will choose to relieve themselves anywhere in the house. Dogs that are not properly house trained will urinate in the home out of necessity. Stress from both cats and dogs are another reason that your pet will urinate inappropriately. For whatever reason, the odor is a major headache for the pet owner.

Thankfully, pet odor removal is easy and effective with the products from Biocide Systems and our revolutionary technology using a chlorine dioxide solution. These remedies start working in a few hours time and effectively remove the nagging odor.
If your problem is simply a lingering pet odor, then Room Shocker can be used to clear the room of odor permanently. If pet urine odor removal is necessary you may consider another of our products, Avanflex Liquid CI02 that can be used directly on a saturated area of urine or spray from your pet.

Chlorine Dioxide is an effective odor removal chemical that is not only eco-friendly but harmless to people, pets and plants. Once released it breaks down into a saline solution consisting of salt and water and penetrates into any porous materials in your home for long lasting pet odor removal.

There are products available from your local retail store that are designed to remove odors however they tend to serve more as a masking agent and once the scent of the product dissipates, the annoying odor is likely to return.

Biocide Systems offers a wide range of pet odor removal products for your home, automobile, RV, boat or your seasonal cottage. Dead mice, cigarette smoke residue and vomit are a few of the nasty odors that can linger for a long period of time.

Our prices are very competitive and discounted up to 30% for volume purchases. Bundle packages are also available to commercial sellers and distributors. We ship nationwide at reasonable rates and for orders over $100.00 the shipping costs are free.

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