How to rid your home of pet urine odors for good

There are plenty of carpet cleaning and odor removal products that claim to be the experts at pet urine odor removal. These products claim to remove both the urine and the stain while at the same time eliminating the accompanying odor. The truth is, some of these products are capable of removing the stain left behind by pet urine or feces stains and may even be able to remove the majority of the urine itself but no conventional product currently on the market can completely eliminate the urine and the odors. To forever eliminate pet urine odors from your home, apartment, or car, you need to use the Biocide Systems Chlorine Dioxide delivery system.
Chlorine dioxide is an environmentally friendly , completely safe compound that is able to penetrate the fibers of your carpet and furniture as well as the other porous surfaces in your home that have been saturated with pet urine odors. The chlorine dioxide changes the chemical makeup of the urine and the crystals that cat urine in particular forms if not cleaned immediately. The new chemical compounds are then essentially eaten by the chlorine dioxide and the entire mess evaporates away.
To achieve complete pet urine odor removal, you should start with the ClO2 Liquid ShockerT Liquid CLO2 to clean the mess. This liquid Chlorine Dioxide solution can be used to saturate the stain but also to wipe down furniture that may have been splattered with urine. To rid the room of the residual pet urine odors and to ensure that all of the urine has been completely eliminated, finish with the room Shocker product which delivers the Chlorine Dioxide in a gaseous form that is able to better penetrate every porous surface in the room.
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