Problematic Odor Elimination And Odor Management
In the US consumers spend 1.8 billion per year on deodorizers and fragrances in an effort to deodorize and refresh the environment they inhabit. However, most products sold today are simply masking agents with no real effect on destroying odors.

The Biocide Systems line of vaporizing products is the only legitimate economical Odor Management solution available.

Clo2 destroys the odors by penetrating deep into all porous surfaces and eliminating them permanently.

Biocide Systems SHOCKER vaporizing line of products eliminate any problematic odor from any closed or confined environment from deep within any porous surface without masking it, literally overnight. Clo2 produces a vapor of Chlorine Dioxide that cleans the air, covers all surfaces and penetrate all porous surface where odor causing matter tends to hide and produce unpleasant odors.

autoSHOCKER is also great for eliminating the smell of smoke and or pet odor from rooms and automobiles.

In essence it deodorizes your space. All for under $25.00 retail.

roomSHOCKER is perfect for the Home, Schools, Hotels, Motels or any Lodging or Hospitalaty Establishment, Realtors, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Wheelhouses, Basements, Restaurants Bars, Restrooms, Trailers, Cabins, Marinas, Boats, Health Care Facilities, Gyms, Locker Rooms, Dumpsters, Containers, Kennels, etc.

Let us deodorize your world.